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Extended and limited decision making.

No description

Sam Dipate

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Extended and limited decision making.

Extended and limited decision making.
''Extended decision making is the response to a very high level of purchase involvement; an extensive internal and external information search is followed by a complex evaluation of multiple alternatives; after the purchase, uncertainty about its correctness is likely; and thorough evaluation of the purchase will take place'' (Quester
et al.
Class activity
Pleases fill in the piece of paper provided to you.
Limited decision making
''Limited decision making is decision making that covers the middle ground between habitual decision making and extended decision making'' (Quester
et al.
a consumer may select a product without seeking information beyond internal memory that it 'tastes good'.
Anti-dandruff shampoo
Smart phone
Living room furniture
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Extended decision making
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