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Cornell Notes

How to take Cornell Notes

Jamie Gwidt

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes
What are Cornell Notes?
Students own their learning process
Students stay organized
How do I use them?
Step 1:
Use 3 lines to divide your paper
3 finger method for elementary school students
Use a straight edge
Step 2:
Write the date on the right corner
Title at the top (and/or lesson's objective or essential question on the top line.)
Essential Question/Objective
Step 3: As you listen to the lecture, write only on the RIGHT side of the notes.
Wait! How do I know what to write?
1. Write main ideas.
2. Facts, details, and examples are important, but only if you already have the main idea down.
3. Use numbers to number your ideas.
4. Use abbreviations.
5. Use graphic organizers and pictures when they're helpful.
6. Skip lines or make separate "chunks" of information.
Step 4: Review your notes.
1. Pair & Share with a partner.
2. Cross out unimportant items.
3. Underline vocabulary in

4. Highlight main ideas with a highlighter.
Step 5: Write questions in the left column.
How do I make up the questions?
1. Look back at the Essential Question or Objective.
2. Can you see the big idea?
3. What are your notes about on the Right Side?
4. It's okay to make a general question.
Step 6: Write a Summary
Use Summary Frames at first. Don't worry about paragraphs yet.

___________ is a kind of ___________ that . . .

___________ wanted to ___________, but . . . , so .
. .

___________ begins with ___________, continues with ___________, and ends with ___________


X and Y are similar in that they are both ___________, but X ___________, while Y___________

___________ happens because ___________ OR

___________ causes ___________
Now what?
Your page should look something like this:
Use your notes.
Or even on the occasional Open Notebook Quiz!!
To study with a friend.
To review before a quiz, test, or exam.
During a project.
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