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The Chieftest Mourner


Jonathan Jules Magnase

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Chieftest Mourner

Characters of the Story
The theme of the story is about love and innocence including the disloyalty of people through their loved ones.
The story is about the death of the narrator’s uncle. The girl in the story narrates during her college days. The girl sobs as she listens to lengthy eulogies especially when she got the line which said that his uncle was the sweetest lyre that ever throbbed with Malayan chords. She included her memories with her uncle. She remember the time that her Aunt Sophia put her in a car and sent her in a hotel where her uncle was waiting.
By: Aida Rivera Ford
The Chieftest Mourner
Narrator (the girl)
Poet (Uncle of the Narrator)
Sophia (the legal wife of the poet)
Esa (mistress)
It predominant in a sense that it all happen in the wake that all of the actions and emotions of the characters.
In the world of love, we must learn first the word acceptance. You have to accept the reality on how both of you cope with each other with the things you barely don't want. Even how hard it is but for the sake of your relationship, accept. Accept but never tolerate.
There in the chapel Aunt Sophia and the other woman of the poet. There was more talking back and forth, and suddenly the conversation wasn't polite any more. The only good thing about it was that now the girl could hear everything distinctly. The other woman tells everything about her with the poet when he was in his lowest moment in life. She did everything just for the girl's uncle. The people realize how the other woman made a great sacrifice for the person she really loves.
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