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Jacques Cartier by Mackenzie Stewart

No description

Ashley Westlund

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Jacques Cartier by Mackenzie Stewart

Who sponsored Cartier?
Where and when did Cartier discover?
His name is Henry
Jacques Cartier sailed from France to Canada when he got there he meet a group of Iroquois Indians, which they told him that precious jewels and metals could be found farther northwest. Their chief let two of his sons sail to France with Cartier in august.
where he was born
Jacques Cartier was born in the seaport of st. - Malo
When Cartier died and his birthday?
Jacques Cartier died on September 1. 1557. His birthday is in 1491
Jacques Cartier by Mackenzie Stewart
Things he discovered?
He discovered the colonial life in Spanish America and the history of the united states
Other important dates.
Describe a day during exploration for your explorer and their crew?
What is Cartier most known for?
The History of Canada.
What sources did I use?
World book online.
In may 1535.
This is Jacques Cartier and his men with a indian
He is Navigator
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