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Technology Design Cycle

No description

callum hutchinson

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology Design Cycle

Technology Design Cycle Investigation Plan Create Evaluate Then list the
requirements of the
product or solution. Identify/discover a problem
or situation that is occuring
which needs fixing. Develop the design brief Formulate a design specification
Design something with miniscule details. Are we planning a
product or a solution? Evaluate the use of the design
cycle. Evaluate own performance
at each stage of the Design Cycle. Evaluate the product or
solution. Discuss where went
wrong in the Design cycle. Follow the plan to create. And Create the product or solution. Use appropriate techniques
and equipment. And do multiple trials when tested Definition of plan: A scheme outlining the method or procedure to create or achieve something. Picture of people
planning together. Next Step, Plan. Provide some suggestions for
improvements that could be better. By: Ethan, Callum, Jimmy
and Joshua Plan what materials you need. Next design the product or solution
to meet the requirements needed. You can do multiple trials to test if the item
to see if the item or object can be
made again. Ensure that the the item or object can be made Make a new product that is a demand
for the costumers Create a product with a
demand make sure that there are
no other compeditors to see
what else you have to do to beat them You can even make something new!!!! Why???
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