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Group Presentation

workplace ethics

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Singhania

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli People Management, The Mantra for
Success: The Case of Singhania and Partners People Management, The Mantra for
Success: The Case of Singhania and Partners Chase Engel
Tara Hayes
Mamen Navarro
Pengfei Yang Recommendations Conclusion Questions??? Stakeholder Management Introduction Macro and Micro Issues Macro Issues:

1990: Liberalization
Increased Demands of legal services... "Poaching"
Possible liberalization & Lifting of Indian Laws
Shortage of Lawyers/ High Attrition Micro Issues:

Maintain customer base
Retain employees
Avoid effects of attrition Clients

• Opened an office in U.S.
• Moved to a bigger office in New Delhi to accommodate Daewoo
• Set up offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad to service expanding client base. Employees

• Outsourced processes requiring form-
filling: Employee Stimulation
• Merit based rewards for those employees
whose service they valued.
• Encouraged work-life balance. Loyalty Singhania & Partners

• Singhania and Partners one of he largest full-services law firms in India
• Founder: Ravi Singhania. A savvy and experienced Indian lawyer with international experience.
• Created in 1999: has grown from 2 people to 50 in 7 years. • Willingness to make an
investment or personal sacrifice
to strengthen a relationship.
• Trust
• Engagement
• Commitment Singhania
• Bi-weekly open house
• Open door policy
• Seth wanting to return • Introduction
• Issues with Attrition
• Stakeholder Management at Singhania &
• Loyalty at Singhania & Partners
• Recommendations
• Conclusion
• Q&A • Sustain good practices:
- Career Development
- Engagement
- Compensation • Exit Interview Process
• Communication Process:
Open-door policy
• Ensure proactive
leadership and HR
• Performance Mgmt System:
• T&D/Compensation
• Fit Org's Strategy Attrition • India experienced shortage of good quality legal professionals.
• With ample opportunities in the legal industry, attrition became a concern.
• Effective HR management was essential for Singhania.
• The effects turnover has on an organization.
• Seth’s departure from Singhania.
1. Left for more money
2. Did not discuss his reasons for leaving What Aspects Of A Job Are Important To You? REFERENCES Sanborn, P., Malhotra, R., & Atchison, A. (2011). Trends in global employee engagement. Retrieved from
http://www.aon.com/attachments/thoughtleadership/Trends_Global_Employee_Engagement_Final.pdf. Reduced turnover: Best Employers see
significantly lower levels of turnover in all regions
— Asia: 40% lower turnover
— Australia: 45% lower turnover
— Canada: 54% lower turnover
— Europe: 30% lower turnover
— U.S.: 50% lower turnover Sanborn, P., Malhotra, R., Atchison, A. Marusarz, T., Kao, T., Bell, A.,Veres, R., & Bakos, R. “Being a Best Employer is worth $75 million
annually in recruiting, retention, and
productivity gains.”
—Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems Marusarz, T., Kao, T., Bell, A.,Veres, R., & Bakos, R. (2009). What makes a company a best employer?.
Retrieved from https://ceplb03.hewitt.com/bestemployers/pdfs/ BestEmployer.pdf. Goyal, P. (2008). People management, the mantra for success: The case of Singhania and Partners. Hong
Kong: The University of Hong Kong. Sanborn, P., Malhotra, R., & Atchison, A. AGENDA
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