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Exploring a New Type of Social Studies Unit Plan Florida Explorers: A Prezi Webquest

No description

Natacha Edmondson

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Exploring a New Type of Social Studies Unit Plan Florida Explorers: A Prezi Webquest

Discovering Florida Explorers: A Prezi Webquest Presented by: Ana Bechel, Natacha Edmondson, Faith Griffin, and Michelle Monge •Sailing Into La Floride: Prezi Day! Overall Learning Goal: A Quick Summary •Discovering Florida’s Explorers Who are they? Students will develop presentation and research skills utilizing the jigsaw method and technology as they learn about Florida Explorers. •Motivation •Routes and Discoveries •Footprint Student presentations! How did they affect our world? How did they travel? What were the challenges and triumphs of their journey? Why did they do it? Blab all about it! The Jigsaw Method Steward:
You are in charge of your crew's resources. Find media, pictures, and artifacts to support your group’s discoveries. Navigator:
Keep the ship on course by reading the map. Make sure your crew stays on task throughout the journey. Scribe:
Without journals from the past we would not have important information about our history.
Journal your crew's discoveries. Interpreter:
Translate information found from important sources and report your discoveries to your scribe. Collaborate Engage! Anticipatory Sets Assessments Support and Report Marzano scales tied to daily learning goals Customized rubric Prezi Webquest Flip book Classroom and
group discussions 21st Century Skills Research Record & Diigo Internet Resources Primary Sources Prezi Webquest http://prezi.com/px7jrsb6jo96/florida-explorers-template-for-wiki/?kw=view-px7jrsb6jo96&rc=ref-2109912 Predict Discuss Connect http://ucfgr4flexplorerssp12t.wikispaces.com/ Graphic Organizers Secondary Sources flip book two-column notes Literature List
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