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what is a mineral

No description

Monte Ulliana

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of what is a mineral

Natural processes Affecting the earths surface BY MONTE ULLIANA 4F
What is a mineral ?
What are the properties of minerals?
How are minerals formed ?
Minerals form directly from geologic sources that were not once living.
A mineral is something that the world relies on and is a solid substance. Minerals are in everything for example houses,food,cars and so on. there are more than 4,000 minerals and more beaning discoverd.
What are the 5 characteristics of minerals?
What are some examples of minerals for everyday use?
What are the 3 types of rocks?
How are rocks used in
our everyday lives?
What is the rock cycle?
.Minerals have a crystal structure.
.Minerals must be found occurring naturally.
.Minerals are not organic,they are inorganic.
.Minerals are solid.
.Each mineral has its own chemical composition.
Luster [shine]
Specific gravity [how heavy it feels]
Crystal form [shape]
Cleavage [pattern when broken]
Tenacity [toughness]
Minerals are used in every thing for example Talc is used in cosmetics ,detergents,water,filtration,paints,shoe,polish,foam and anti-caking additives in animal feed.

Amazonite is used in jewelry/decoration.

Albite is used in glass,manufacturing,pottrey glazes,tiles,porcelain and insulators.

Silver is used in jewelry,decoration,flatware,electronics and automobiles.

Granet is used in jewelry,abrasives,sandpaper,grindstones and scouring powders.

Quartz is used in jewelry,pressure gauges,oscillators,watches and manufacturing of glass,paints and abrasives.

Gold is used in jewelry,electronics,uv,filters,currency,decoration,windows and automobiles.

Topaz is used in jewelery,decoration.

the three rocks are
.Sedamentry rock.
.Igneose rock.
.Metamorphic rock
Rocks are used in every day life for example rocks are used in sement,bricks,buildings,
How do rocks form
Igneous rocks are formed from hot molted rock,deep or erupting at the earths surface. As this molten material cool's it begins to crystallize into a variety of Igneous rocks.

Sedimentary rock forms at or near earth's surface by the settling and accumulation of rocks, minerals or the remains of plants and animals. Sediment can range in size from microscopic clay to large boulders.

Metamorphic rocks are igneous, sedimentary, or pre-existing metamorphic rocks that have changed form. The heat and pressure from deep within earth is so great that it changes not only the appearance of the rocks, but also the texture and chemical composition of the rocks.
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