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Parent Interview

Parent intervierw about child development and raising kids

Elaina Simpson

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Parent Interview

Interview With My Dad:) By: Elaina Simpson 1. My dad learned about kids when he had kids. He never really had any little brotheres or sisters that he could take care of. With my older brother and sister he was more impatient because he wasn't prepared to have kids. But with my little brother and I, it was much more easier. nothing was really a problem for him. 2. He fostered self-esteem by giving us responsibility so that we could learn self-worth. He alwyas had us help out with the laundry and dishes. 3. My older brother is artsy, terse, knowledgeable, critical and always tried to be in charge.
My older sister is responsible, hardworking, inquisitive, needy and manipulative.
I am hardworking, intelligent, inquisitive, nieve and a complainer.
My younger brother is funny, friendly, nosy and cocky.

He treated us all differently, and dealt with us differently based on what was more effective. 4. He let us try something new when he taught us all how to drive, my younger brother is still learning. 5. As we got older we got more responsibility and less supervision, and also more independence. His entire life changed because the we came first. He couldn'ty be selfish otherwise he wouldn't have been a good parent. He adjusted as our needs adjusted. He did everything for us and as we became more independent we started doing it for ourselves. 6. He wasn't ready to become a parent when my mom got pregnant. 7. He sought parenting help from his parents. 8. With my mom they had no private life, moer household responsibilitie, and financial trouble which led to fighting.
With his friends none of them had any kids so they could't relate and it became harder to spend time with them.
With his parents it gave him more respect and understanding about what they went through raising him and his brother and sister. 9. He had to adjust to having no free time and his lifestyle became subject to the needs of the child. 10. A reward he got was that he has 4 kids that are alll generally good. He has limited money but gets to live with the possibility that one of us will have to take care oh him in his old age:) 11. Our family is strong because we always spend time together, just hanging out. We always miss each other when were gone even though were ''hell'' when we're together. 12. He compliments when we do something good or right, and make sures we know when we do something bad or wrong. 13. For inappropriate behavior he LOVES to use lectures, and we also get sent to our rooms. When we were younger we had time outs, or getting our mouths washed out with soap, although taking away our toys never worked. 14. As a parent he has struggled with being as interested as he should have been in the things we were doing. 15. Parenting is a lot harder than you think. The End :)
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