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Birth of the Banner (Read)


Dave Rogers

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Birth of the Banner (Read)

& Beyond Where It All Started... 27th October 1994

www.hotwired.com Eightyfive percent
click through rate!!! But those days are long gone These days, we're lucky if we see Click Through Rates of 0.2% Birth Of the Banner..... surfing web 2.0 The basic premise of web 2.0 centred around used to be geek territory web x Dave Rogers - December 2009 Where it all started Where we're at Where we're headed might be able to help Only of internet users

account for of all ad clicks only 16% of internet users click on ads The Internet Is Full Of Sh t but User Generated Content how








out??? Esquire - Augmented Reality Issue Apple - vaporware? Sports Illustrated IKEA - Viral (?) Oasis - Augmeneted Reality BMW - augmented wired 8% 85% So where is all this going and most importantly... any thoughts? A couple of months ago I read about the banner ad's
15th birthday and it got me thinking.... History is great but where are we headed?
So, to simplify things, I've broken it down into 3 categories... Back in the day, the internet was insignificant to most of us.
Our computers (if we even owned one) sat in the study or spare
room. It was barely even a blip on the media industry's radar....
except for Conde Nast.... ....who, when their forward thinking and highly respected (IMO) publication 'Wired'
decided to attempt to montetise it's 'hotwired' site with some display advertising.... Granted, back then, we were all n00b's so we'd have clicked on anything.....

especially when the creative said this: Gradually, the web started to depreciate as folk realised the openess of the web's principles allowed for literally, anything Initially, these only came in
the form of annoyance But as people realised
how much money could
be made, pirorities
shifted and became
more sinister Rapidly migrating to
& theft The cynic inside me would argue that although the media industry got
it's fingers burnt badly in the
initial dotcom bubble burst
it quickly established
that the internet
still presented
a h u g e
o p p o r -
... ...therefore adopted an infrastrucure
approach, building foundations
for growth by 'empowering'
the users to create the
continuous content
required to keep
users became the theme of the decade:
knowledge via wikipedia
events via flickr
socialising via facebook
thoughts via twitter
web trends via digg Share engaged growth....
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