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Training Slides, Call Center

Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe

Beth Portesi

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Training Slides, Call Center

Call Center Training
// Job Overview
AAA Brand Standards
Introduction to team
Call center tour
Property tour
Job description
Call center: shadow and basics

// Meet the Radios
Call Center Operations

A Few Individuals We Communicate With Most
Lauren Hoffman
In-house Reservationist (M-F 8:30-4:30)
Takes all calls for guests who want speak to some one on property regarding reservation. (If unavaliable ->Drew Walden. or Front Desk)
Ext. 3028
Drew Walden
In-house Group Reservationist
Ext. 3019
Ann Vance
Ext. 3087
Zach McKirahan
Human Resources Assistant
Ext. 3098
Engineering Admin Assistant
(Takes all engineering calls M-F 7-4pm)
Lilia Suter
Manzanita Reservationist
Ext. 3053
Maria Mempin
Senior Payroll Manager
Uniform and Grooming
Clock In & Clock Out
Bear Entries
Phone promptly answered within three rings
Warm and sincere greeting offered
Agent thanks guest for calling, provides an introduction, asks for guest's name
Agent addresses guest by name
Agent anticipates guest's needs
Agent exhibits competent knowledge of all associated facilities and hours of operation

"Good afternoon thank you for calling the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe, this is __, how may I assist you?"
Uniform and grooming
Clock-In & Clock-Out Procedures
Meal Break Law & Waiver
Missed Punches & BEAR
Request-Off & Time-Off
Switching Schedules
Attendance & Call-Offs

Business Casual

8 hour shifts- (1) 30-minute break
(2) 10-minute breaks
6 hour shift- must get meal break waiver signed BEFORE shift
5 hour shift- no break required
Main Radio System
The Property
Room Basics
Extra blanket/pillow
2 luggage racks
Iron & board
9 hangers
2 laundry/shoe shine bags
Pool Amenities
2 pools (1 resort pool, 1 adult lap pool)
2 hot tubs, 1 kiddie pool
Towels are provided at the pool
Living room can deliver food to pool area
Password: first letter of first name, 3 numbers from EID, 1109 ex: b5491109

Username: EID
Hilola Mullabaeva
Guest Disputes/MSE Billing
Ext. 3068
Amanda Serna
Sales/ Lake Tahoe Resident Card Inquiries
Central Reservations
Our #1 Transfer
Ext. 8070 (Blind Transfer)
Incoming Central calls begin with "801.."
Most often being transferred to in-house res./front desk
Weekends: guest can leave voicemail
During business hours: -> Tom Hampton Ext. 3064
or Steven Fowler Ext.3045
Our Main Task
May not always be to stay on the phone and fulfill guest requests
Answer warmly
Extend politely
Assist, when necesarry
Warm greeting to fellow ladies and gentlemen
Get call log, wake-up call sheets
Retrieve check-list
Open Opera
Print emergency reports
Check e-mail and shift reports
VIP board
End of shift:
Complete shift report
Update WIG
Warm greeting to fellow ladies and gentlemen
Get call log and checklist
Check status of wake-up calls
Open Opera
Print emergency reports
Check e-mail and shift reports
End of shift:
Update IRD board
Complete shift report
Update WIG
How the Shifts Differ
Engineering calls sent to Ann
Call engineer directly
Requesting Time Off
White binder in the call center, contains two seperate sections:
front desk and call center
Update IRD board
W. I. G.
To be completed at the end of every shift
How were going to accomplish our goal
Main Programs
To operate main phone system
In Room Dining point of sale
Start Menu
For hotel/guest res. details
type "mystique" in internet explorer
Main Radio System
Dept. channels
Hold down to speak
Main System Functions
Answering and Extending Calls
What is a Blind Transfer?
Normally, we stay on the line and wait for an answer until we connect two calls.

For ex: When calling concierge.

"Thank you for calling the concierge, this is ____."
CC Agent: "You have an outside call."
With a blind transfer, no introduction is needed. You can simply extend or "release" the call.
What if I can't reach some one?
If you cannot reach a certain department after 1-2 tries, you can offer to extend the guest to voicemail.
*We seldom take messages.
If a guest asks us to do this, politley offer voicemail again.
CC Agent: "I do apologize, I was unable to reach ____, they could be away from their desk or assisting a guest, would you like to be extended to their voice mail?
In-Room Dining
The Basics
Call Center takes all guest orders
We use MICROS system to input orders and bill guest
For special requests: call and ask the kitchen first
CC notifies IRD when order is placed
IRD server delivers order
Good ___, thank you for calling In-Room Dining, this is ___how may I assist you?

How many guests will be dining?

Are there any allergies I need to be aware of?

The soup avaliable for the day is ___.

Would you like to start with any appetizers, perhaps an order of chicken wings?

*Provide positive reinforcement*
For ex: Excellent choice or that is one of my favorites.

*Once guest is finished*
And will that complete your oirder Mr./Mrs__?

Repeat the order back to guest.

Our quote time is 25 mins, you can expect it at ___.

The service and delivery charge are included in the bill, we just ask that you remove a do not disturb sign if there is one on the door.

Thank you so much Mr./Mrs. ____ and enjoy.

IRD Facts to Know
There is ALWAYS a delivery charge unless the total is under $10
You can remove delivery charge by selecting it and hitting VOID
RCDC and Constellation quote time is 40 mins.
IRD Script
Call Center Script
Outside Call
"Good afternoon thank you for calling the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe, this is __, how may I assist you?"
Internal Call
"Good afternoon thank you for calling guest reception this is ___, how may I assist you?"
Department Specific
How do you tell?
Department call is attempting to reach
In this case: "Good afternoon thank you for calling HOUSEKEEPING this is ___, how may I assist you?"
Who Can We
Blind Transfer To?
Central Reservations 8070
Manzanita 3050
Spa 3030
Internet Tech Support 4357

Ext. 3087
Cross Training
In-Room Dining
Familiarize with:
Order process
Quote time (brand standard)
Table setup
Delivery etiquette
Menu, tasting and plating
Shadow once in AM, once in PM
Guest Perspective
Valet experience
Doorman and greeting
Front desk check-in process
Bell assistance and guidance
Room expectations
While In-House:
Using the telephone
Internet connection
Concierge services
Ritz Kids inquiries
Gondola and village activities
Living Room
Cafe Blue
Backyard BBQ
Check-out options
Late check-out
Bell assistance
Shadow and Familiarize With:
Concierge Assistant
Ritz Kids
Transportation (rough costs and options)
Activities and excursions
Special on-site occasion reservations
Ammenity options
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