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No description

Marney Meredith

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Trailers

Key Moments
Trailers are a mini-narrative. They include key moments from the film - not necessarily placed in order.
Film Title
The title of the film usually appears near the end of the trailer - often followed by the release date.
The Stars
Often the names of the actors appear early on in the trailer.
Film Trailer Analysis
The name given to the features shared by trailers is
A trailer is similar to an advertisement in that it
promotes a product –in this case the film.
What exactly is
a trailer?
Conventions and Codes
These conventions include...
Trailers often use a powerful voice-
over that focuses our
attention on key points. (This is an example of non-diegetic sound.)
is essential as it suggests
the genre, style and plot.

Music is usually pleonastic (supports
the images.)
Conversations/dialogue between characters often consists of one-liners.
One Liners
Many films have a slogan (called a tagline). The tagline often features in the trailer. Taglines are important and marketers try to create memorable taglines using language in clever ways.
Sometimes the names of the director and/or producer are included, with phrases such as ‘from the director/makers of…’ This helps the audience to make
connections between the film being trailed and previously successful and recognised films
From the makers of....
Voice Over
In summary...
A film trailer relies on the use of
scenes from the film
, cut together to suggest the plot and the genre and to
showcase the stars
of the film.
is also the major component to a trailer; it communicates emotion, in shorthand, because the trailer cannot give enough depth in its short amount of time. There is also sometimes a
, which gives information in a very sensational tone, to entice the audience and fill them in on the emotional content.
Let's closely study a couple
of trailers...
All trailers, regardless of the film company, have similar features...features that persuade us to view the film being promoted.
The trailer indicates the genre (i.e. the category or type) of film.
Dramatic camera shots and angles
are used to create tension and interest in the film.
Camera Shots &
• genre
• narrative
• unique selling point (usp)
• target audience
• music
• shot types/camera angles
• pace
• dialogue
• voiceover
• special effects
• credits and intertitles
(filmed printed text)
When we analyse a
trailer we are studying...
In a world where...
....will change the world
A hero will rise
Monologue...sometimes a
monolgue from the lead
character will summarise
their struggles
It's been 42 days since.....
I keep on running...
But I can't...
Over to you!
Find a trailer for a film you really

CRITICALLY ANALYSE the tools used to persuade the potential viewer.
Don't forget that trailers target a
specific audience and will use conventions
appropriate to the potential viewer.
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