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Products & services

Netsignature products & services

Mohammad Dawood

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Products & services

Products & Services Services index Digital Marketing
Web development
Mobile development
BPO Digital Marketing Medium to large enterprises in EMEA region
Targeting to partner with advertisement agencies & marketing consultants
Targeting export sector in Egypt Types of Protection that Natural Products Provide in the Terrestrial Biosphere Why so Many Metabolites in the Marine Biosphere? Creators of Secondary Metabolites in the Marine Biosphere In the terrestrial biosphere, life forms without protection or an immune system must create a type of defense mechanism. For instance, a tree with spines sticking outward from the bark is a physical type of protection but when bacterial toxins are on the spines it now become not only a physical protection but also a chemical protection from intruders. Many believe that the marine biosphere should be the main study point in searching for natural products because of the great diversity that is found in marine life. Look in just the coral reefs and you will understand what diversity really is. Just like most the organisms without an immune system in the terrestrial biosphere, most in the marine biosphere also produce natural products. In just ten years, 2,500 secondary metabolites were bioprospected out of the marine biosphere from algae, sponges, coelenterates, and other life forms. In the following year alone, 800 more natural products were discovered. There are many hypotheses why secondary metabolites exist like because of random mutation, a waste or detoxification product, evolution in progress, or just the fact that it had a use but doesn’t anymore. The real reason is for attraction of needed things and protection against harmful things, and because there is selectional benefit over challenging organisms, it progresses the survival strength of the manufacturer. In the marine biosphere, many plants and living organisms do not have the hard shelled back like a crab has so they need a chemical defense system to help them survive in their environment. If you take a look at soft corals, they have no physical protection and therefore need a chemical one. They produce chemical defenses called cembranes. Why do Secondary Metabolites Even Exist? Types of Protection that Natural Products Provide in the Marine Biosphere Our Service offerings Job of a Natural Product Chemist The job of a natural product chemist has three simple objectives that will lead to pharmaceutical leads if you have bioprosepcted a natural product from an organism. The first step in the discovery of a new natural product is to collect a life form. Next you must isolate a particular part of that and then you have to break down the structure so you can really understand why this phenomenon occurs. This is then turned into pharmaceutical companies. After the chemist hands over the information, the pharmaceutical companies attempt to decrease the adverse side effects and increase the efficacy. The hard part is not creating a drug that can kill a disease, its creating a drug that doesn’t kill the person taking it. For this reason some drugs may never be produced because the companies may never get the adverse side effects to a minimum. You would think that some people who are very close to death would try drugs that had a chance may kill them if they had no other chance at living but because of how Americans jump on the companies can’t afford a legal suit. Ways to Target a Collection Steps Towards Islating a Suspected Natural Product Sample Pharmaceutical Company’s Part in Discovering New Drugs There are two ways to target a collection or discover a new natural product. One is a biorational approach and the other is by gaining ethnobotanical information. Both also can be used together. When searching for information, no one is better to talk to than a Shaman of a tribe. They are the kings of conquering ethnobotany, the relationship between man and plants. The first objective is always to collect a field collection and bring the fresh material to the lab. Once you have this suspected product sample, you can use the Kupchan Extraction Scheme to gain the crude extracts needed to then test for bioactivity. Then you can impregnate the extracts on sterile paper discs if you plan on using the Kirby-Bauer Bioassay to test for the hopeful bioactivity. Next place those discs on an agar medium swabbed with various gram (+) and (-) bacteria. If a ring of inhibition forms around one of the extracts, then you have successfully tested for bioactivity. The products catalog Once you have the crude substance, using flash column chromatography seperates the mixture by mass, size and polarity. This seperation of the crude mixture occurs when it is dissolved into a solution, and the smaller mass and size travel through the solution faster. This then causes the seperation of the smaller molecule and you can collect both. Steps Towards Islating Cont. Marine Biosphere Chromatography Review Collect a Fresh Field Collection Consumers:
10 million users – Egypt – Dec ‘08
17 million users – Egypt – Dec ’09
48 million users – Middle East – Dec ‘09
Market size:
$28 Million in 2010 in Egypt
To reach $41 Million in 2013 in Egypt
Estimated to be $142 Million in the Middle East region by 2011 Digital Marketing Potential Providing web/software development service for Medium to large enterprises in EMEA region
Partnering with major system integrators and platform providers Web Development
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