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No description

vriska mesh

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Homestuck

what is
I decided on doing Homestuck because I really enjoy Homestuck and since not many or barley any people in grade 8 (at our school) Know what it is. I hoped that people will start to read Homestuck and enjoy it like I do. I hope that this presentation provides enough knowledge for understatement of Homestuck.

homestuckers and cosplayers
cosplaying is when people dress up as certain characters and go to conventions ( Otafest, Anime con, comic con,) and roleplay/act like that character.
Homestuckers dress up as homestuck characters and go in big groups to conventions.

I'm going to a convention called Ota Fest and i'm going as troll vriska.
Cosplay and Homestuckers
This is a group of people or "homestuckers" who dress up as characters and go to conventions
Interesting facts and pictures.
*Homestuck has over 60,000 pages!!!
* 200,000-700,000 people read daily
*there is a update coming out releasing another 10,000 pages!
let me tell you about Homestuck
Homestuck is a web comic created by someone named Andrew Hussie. The comic starts out with a boy named John Egbert. it is his 13th birthday and he was getting a game called sburb. His 3 other friends Rose Lalonde, Jade Harley, and Dave Strider are also getting the game. They all met through the internet and have never actually seen each other in real life since they all live in opposite parts of the world. When they start the game it triggers the end of the world sending meteors and destroying the earth. The 4 friends are teleported to other planets where they try to bring there planet back and meet up.
Why I decided on Homestuck for a passion
During there journeys trying to beat the game and
bring back there world they meet an alien species called "trolls." They have grey skin and candy corns colored horns, they had played the game also in a another session of the game. (or other time) The trolls try and help them through the game as they try and save there world and get it back. During the trolls game they also destroyed there planet and doomed there entire race and the 12 trolls are the only ones left. there names are. feferi, Eridan, Gamzee, Equius, Vriska, Terzi, Nepeta, Kanaya, Sollux, Tavros, Aradia and Karkat. When they are young there given a symbol to wear on all of there clothing , or as we call it Zodiac symbols
Homestuck was launched on April 13 2009. In 2012 Andrew Hussie had raised 2, 485, 506 million dollars!!! 24, 346 people pledged money for the creation of a updated version and to sponsor him. You can pay 2,000-50,000$ to get your own character put into homestuck.

About The Author
Andrew Hussie was born 1979 making him 34-35 years old. He has made many other web series using the he made using the program
M.S Paint.
(which he used to create homestuck) He currently lives in America but makes his way through North America stopping at many big conventions.
these Are all
screenshots from
the comic
Thank you for listening
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