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Shark Fin Soup Case

No description

Dawn Fairchild

on 5 June 2018

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Transcript of Shark Fin Soup Case

Shark Fin Soup Case
Managerial Issues
Crisis communication
Speaking to the media
Reputation management
Group decisions
In groups, discuss the questions:
Put yourselves in Chung's position. What is your position on shark's fin soup? Why?
What do you want to convey to the media?
What can you say during the interview to leave the most positive view of your business?

Be prepared to discuss your decisions with the class.
What should Chung do?
Considering all these factors:
Endangered Species question
Should Chung take Shark Fin Soup off the menu?
Initial Thoughts
What do we know?
What don't we know that we need too?
What about other controversial foods?
Gordon Ramsey
What can Chung do now?
In your groups, discuss:
How can Chung best present his side in this type of confrontational situation?
What action can Chung take following the interview to try to share his viewpoint?
Sustainability Issue
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