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The Five Paragraph Essay

No description

Mallory Baker

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Five Paragraph Essay

Use evidence and reasoning to convince the reader to agree with your point of view
Locate, make known or bring out a particular "thing" that means the term
The Five Paragraph Essay

What is an essay?
An essay is a piece of writing that gives your thoughts, or commentary, about a subject. All essays need to have at least four paragraphs: the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
The first paragraph of an essay. The introduction paragraph includes the thesis at the end.
Body Paragraph
The body paragraphs are the middle paragraphs in an essay. They are used to developed a point and support the thesis.

Brittany Dixon and Mallory Baker
Period 2

Writing Terms
Essay Structure
What is a Thesis?
Paragraph 1 - Introduction (contains at least 4 good sentence)
Paragraph 2-4 - Body Paragraphs (contain at least 5 sentences)
Paragraph 5 - Conclusion (at least 4 sentences)
The thesis is a sentence with a subject and and opinion.
Often appears at the end of an introductory paragraph
It provides the focus for your essay.

Look for qualities or characteristics that resemble one another
Stress the differences between qualities or characteristics, events, or problems
The conclusion is the last paragraph in the essay.
The conclusion only has commentary statements.
Give a drawing, chart, plan or graphic answer
* Label the diagram if necessary and add a brief explanation or description.
Pre-writing is the process of getting the concrete details on paper before organizing them in paragraphs.
Forms of Pre-writng
Prove or give reasons for a decision or conclusion
Bubble Clusters
Spider Diagrams
Line Clusters
The writer must stress the advantages of a position over the disadvantages.
Why Pre-write
Able to organize your thoughts clearly.
Make sure your thoughts and details are not repetitive.
Get your concrete details clearly stated.
Organize a description under main points and lesser points, omitting the minor details and focusing on the arrangement of things
First Draft
Give clear meanings to terms
The first version of your essay.
Give a word picture of something; tell a story in detail
Give the long and complete response to the specific question
One sentence of concrete detail and two sentences of commentary.
Clarify, interpret, and spell out; analyze and account for material you present.
Show by means of a picture,chart, diagram, or some visual representation
To translate, clarify, elucidate, expound or explain the significance of
Establish that something is true or untrue by citing factual evidence

Restate a given passage in your own words
Break down the topic, issue, or problem into parts or principles in order to understand the whole.
Make a judgement of value
Show the connection or logical association between two or more things
Provide quote, illustration and/or fact as evidence to support a subjective statement
Use transitions to connect
two parts of a piece of writing smoothly.
It does not repeat key words from anywhere in the essay.
Sums up your ideas.
It gives a finished feeling to the paper.
Concrete Details
Specific details that form the backbone or core of your body paragraphs.
Your opinion or comment about something
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