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World War II

World Cultures

Cole Carter

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of World War II

World War II
Unresolved Problems
Depression In Europe
major problem
goods exceed demand
WWI increased demand
New technologies developed
Output not necessary following war
Large imbalance
Around the World
occurred around the globe
refusal to work, until demands are met
shipping knocked down
U-Boats attack wiped out foreign trade
Debt engulfed much of Europe
6 million unemployed in Germany 1933
After WWI...
After WWI...
Fascism in Italy
Italian Nationalist outraged over broken WWI promise
Lose land opportunity
Veterans jobless
Trade Declined, Taxes Rose
Italy in Turmoil
Fascism in Italy
Benito Mussolini
emerges as leader
organized the Fascist party
believed in extreme Nationalism
followers called "Black Shirts"
Fiery orator (speaker)
Pledges to restore Italian power
Hitler & The Nazi Party
Fascism in Italy
Mussolini gains Prime Minister role through intimidation/terror
Assumes title of II Duce (El DO CHAY) "The Leader"
As leader:
Muzzled the press
Rigged Elections
Replaced Officials with Fascists
Fascism in Italy
Fascism in Italy
A Totalitarian State
Mussolini successfully built first totalitarian state
Includes these 6 basic features:
(A) A single party-dictatorship (one ruler)
(B) State control of economy
(C) Use of schools and media to indoctrinate & mobilize citizens
(D) Use of spies and terror to enforce will of the state
(E) Strict censorship and government monopoly of media
(F) Unquestioning obedience to a single leader
Activity: Examining Totalitarian states!
of fascism?
Offered strong stable government
Gave back national pride
itself glorifies:
blind loyalty to state
The Weimar Republic
Headed by a chancellor, or prime minister
Problem many small political parties
Why is this a problem?
Blame Jews for inflation and political problems
Families life savings wiped out by war reparations and high costs
Germans longed for a new leader, strong passionate one like Bismark and Wilhelm
Germany ruled as:
Born in Austria 1889, turned down from art school in Vienna at 18
Loathed Jews since he was young after growing up in multinational Austrian Empire
Fought in WWI for Germany
Views Weimar Republic as weak
Renames, National Socialist German Workers or
party in 1920-21, Anton Drexler founded German Workers Party in 1919
Organized "storm troopers" of fighting squads that physical intimidate political opponents in the streets
1923, first attempt at seizing power fails in the Beer Hall Putsch
Tried arrested and writes book
Mein Kampf
, outlines his goals for the Nazi party and ideology
"My struggle"
Mein Kampf
outlined Hitler's extreme nationalism, racism, and antisemitism
Aryan's "light skinned Europeans" superior race
Called for
or "living space" of Germans
Preached of an ultimate leader known as the
"Whoever wishes to win over the masses must know the key that will open the door to their hearts."
"The Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end...spying on the un-suspicious German girl he plans to seduce.....he wants to contaminate her blood and remove her from the bosom of her own people. The Jew hates the white race and wants to lower its cultural level so that the Jews might dominate."
What does this tell us about Hitler?
Appealed to
working class
Promised jobs, and to defy Treaty of Versailles
by rearming Germany
Politicians think they can control him if legally elected
Becomes Chancellor in 1933
Suspends civil rights
Turns Germany into one party state, NAZI
Swastikas wave in glory
Hitler's Third Reich
Hitler claims German's to rule for 1,000 years
Repudiates or rejects
Treaty of Versailles
Creates public works programs to pull Germany out of debt and depression
Germans worked building highways, housing, and replanting forests
Germans cheered for success of ending unemployment
Hitler's Third Reich
Totalitarian state created
Rules through terror, repression
Nazi controlled
government, religion, and education
enforced the law
Secret police, or
exposed and punished opposition
Propaganda Take
switch Prezi...
Hitler's Impact On Jews
- Nov. 7th, 1938
"Night of broken glass"
Nazi attack Jews and destroy their property
Hitler revealed
Jews begin to be sent to
concentration camps
Detention centers for "enemies of the state"
Quick write ( 10 Classwork pts.)
Imagine you were a Jewish German on the night of Kristallnacht. You heard your life was in danger as you have been warned by others what is happening to your people. What would you do, fight, hide, persuade, what possessions would you grab etc. (NO NOT CELL PHONES). Seeing the propaganda ads would you have left before as times have changed? What were motives to stay?
Write a 7-8 sentences response to is prompt.
Steps to World War II
Japan seizes Manchuria in 1931
Germany, Italy, Japan form Axis
Agree to stop Soviet communism
Agree to allow each other to carry out expansion efforts
Mussolini, Hitler support Spanish Civil War, leader Francisco Franco
Hitler has Guernica, Spain bombed in 1937
Kills 1,600 civilians, attack "experiment"
Franco creates a fascist rule in 1939
Campaign in N. Africa led by the Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel
Steps to World War II
Hitler annexes Austria to create the Auschluss
union of Austria & Germany*
Western Democracies take no action
Defied Treaty of Versailles directly
Germany then takes Czechoslovakia completely by 1939
Forces Western Democracies into action, previously used
Nazi-Soviet Pact
Hitler and Stalin agree to divide Poland
Split rest of Eastern Europe
Neither would go to war with the other
Why would Hitler make a pact with an enemy?
Week later.... September 1st 1939 Germany invades Poland
Britain and France enter war honoring commitment to Poland marking the official start of World War II
Provisional governor of France after the rescue at
Dunkirk (or the miracle at Dunkirk), was Charles de Gaulle

At the End of It All
Hitler's Army spread thin
Allies of U.S. Britain, Canada, USSR and France etc
-using combined forces to win
Downfall of Germany :
Failed Operation Sea Lion (invasion of GB)
Failed Russian invasion
Americans help fight after fall of France and Pearl Harbor
Manpower resources ran out
Within a year of the Allied invasion of
Normandy (June 6th, 1944)
Germany surrenders May 7th 1945
At the End of it All
United States ends prolonged
"island hopping"
and tireless war with Japan with fatal decision
Truman authorizes Atomic Bombs to be dropped in
Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Had warned the Japanese with ultimatum at the Potsdam Conference
August 15th, 1945 Japan surrenders
Project !!!!!
Reaction Quickwrite:
In History people refer to World War II as the "good war" why do you believe this is or is not a fitting title knowing how it ultimately came to an end? (Please write 7-8 sent reaction to the prompt)
Reaction Prompt
a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government
-Glory and devotion to the state only, constant war
-No elections, no individual glory
-Believe in one superior race
-Do not believe in international law
Some beliefs...
Deficit Spending -
when a government pays out more money than it takes in through taxation and other revenues, thus going into debt
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