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Warfare in the Colonial Era

No description

Ally S

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Warfare in the Colonial Era

Warfare in the Colonial Era
"Dangerous New World"
King Philip's War: 1675-1676
Downfall of Indian tribes
French and English Warfare in America
1607: Founding of Jamestown colony
Great Massacre of 1622:
Powhatan attack colony
sense of superiority
question of extermination
King Philip's War, 1675-1676
Wampanoag v. Plymouth
John Sassamon
Great Swamp Fight
Colonial language

Native Warfare
Mourning wars

Colonial Warfare
Militia system
volley fire

New France v. New England

British and French global rivalry

King William's War, 1689-1697

Queen Anne's War, 1702-1713

King George's War, 1744-1748
The Seven Years' War
which lasted nine years
The death of General Wolfe
"the most important event to occur in 18th century North America..." -- Fred Anderson
Ohio River Valley
Fort Duquesne, 1754
Albany Conference, June and July 1754
Rogers' Rangers
1755 war plans
William Pitt, 1757
Battle for Quebec, 12-13 Sept. 1759
Fall of Montreal, 8 Sept. 1760
The First Way of War
First impressions
John Grenier
expirtative war
Consequences of the Seven Years' War
1763 Treaty of Paris
American Revolution
French Revolution
Native decline
Wolfe as Christ
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