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Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism

No description

Cheyenne Campbell

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism

Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism
STEP Analysis
Social factors that affect companies within this segment are travellers around the ages of 22 and 55

Technology used in outdoor adventure companies include GPS devices, equipment used for marine activities and equipment used for activities such as zip lining or hiking
SWOT Analysis
A type of travel to different and foreign countries to explore their natural and exotic areas

There are three types of adventure tourism. There is hard tourism, soft tourism and ecotourism
By Jessica Alger, Michelle Muise, Jonathan Crabb, Brittney Dimech and Cheyenne Campbell.
STEP Analysis Cont.
Economic factors for our segment include people who don’t necessarily have extra money to participate in extra activities, such as students

Political factors include employment laws where everyone must be certified to the activity that is being orchestrated.
We cater to people’s excitement for adventure and we fulfill their want for a variety of outdoor activities and explorations
SWOT Analysis Cont.
Pricing may be too high for certain social groups; most activities require training or a paid instructor

Time consumption, due to having to take these extra courses to be able to participate in certain activities
STEP Analysis Cont.
STEP Analysis Cont.
The weather is a huge factor in our segment due to frequent climate changes; we need to be prepared for all outcomes of weather

Competition in other destinations outside of Canada, such as zip lining in Mexico
The Canadian Adventure Company
Provides a large variety of wilderness travel within Canada all season round.

Well-known companies such as the Blue Mountain resort in Ontario provide Canadians and other travelers with many winter sport activities
Entry Level Jobs
Front desk
Dish washing
Food preparation
Food servers
Bell boy
Adventure Companies
Adventure Out
Mountain Travel Sobek
Myths & Mountains
GAP Adventures
East African Wilderness Travel
Off the Beaten Path
For entry level jobs you start working from the bottom (i.e dishwasher), to the top (i.e chef), simple tasks are also used to teach you the aspect of the business
the want and growing need of healthy living and fitness activities

incorporate family with camping destinations and group activities involving many, such as group building
Don't just travel, explore!
Search Engines:
Outdoor Activities
Caters to travelers that are looking to stay healthy and fit on seasonal bases

Includes peaceful activities( i.e yoga & fishing) as well as high impact activities such as white water rafting or kayaking

Blue Mountain
Ontarios 4 Season Resort!
Winter Activities:
Sleigh Rides
Blue Mountain Cont.
Green Season Activities
Zip Lining
18-hole putting course
Mountain biking
Ridge Runner mountian coaster
Blue Mountain
Thanks for watching ;D
(Some school's such and Algonquin and Tourism College offer programs where students can get a degree in Adventure Tourism)
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