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Buyers: I'm with you every step of the way

No description

Jamie Flournoy

on 17 June 2018

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Transcript of Buyers: I'm with you every step of the way

Buyers: I'm with you every step of the way....
About Jamie
I've been licensed and practicing since 2003. I'm a broker which is like a real estate agent except brokers have much more experience, more education and they can open their own office and hire agents. I'm also a Realtor® and I'm very
active in the local real estate board,
Greater Capital Area Association of
Realtors®. I know the D.C. Metro area
as I've lived here since 1981.

And.. I can leverage technology to
make the buying process a very smooth
one for you
Why Should You Work
with Jamie?
Understanding the Financing
The very first thing that you'll need to
do is to find a lender. Ask me for a list
of lenders I've worked with in the past.
It's important that you're comfortable
with whoever you choose. The lender
will need to explain the financing to you so that you
understand it. And I've got your back with the financing. Here's how.....
Understanding the Financing
I'll offer to be on the
phone with you when
you talk to the lender
to further clarify and
explain. It really
makes a difference.
Understanding Closing Costs & Down Payment
There's a lot to understand with financing a home. For example, most buyers think that they only need to have enough money for a down payment. Some lenders will mistakenly tell you that.
Almost all of the time, you'll
need enough money to cover
the down payment and the
closing costs.
Providing an Estimate of Closing Costs
I'll provide a detailed estimate
of your closing costs after we meet
and we'll review it together. For
now, you should estimate
approximately 3.5% of the selling
price of the home will be your
closing costs.
Depending on the home, I
be able to negotiate that the
seller pay all or part of those costs.
It just depends......(I'll explain...)
Understanding the Pre-Approval Process
Now it's time to get
by a lender........
Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved
The first time you talk to a lender, you're getting
information and finding out how much money you
qualify to borrow to buy a home. You're getting
Once you've decided on a lender, you'll then need
to send that lender copies of your most recent pay
stubs, tax returns, etc., complete an application and
the lender will then
you for a loan.
Viewing Properties
Now you're ready to get out there with
me and start looking at properties!!!
Ok, so, I'm not as young
and as slim as this agent.
But you're not hiring me for
my looks - thank goodness!
Writing an Offer?
You'll write an offer when
you're ready. I don't show
you a few properties and
then start pressuring you.
Also, I'll send you a copy of the
offer docs when we first meet
so that I can explain them to you
and answer your questions. It's
great preparation for the big day
when you find that right home and
want to place an offer on it.
Submitting an Offer & Negotiating
Once we've reviewed other homes and what they sold for, we'll come up with an offer price for the property. I'll make suggestions on ways to get a better price
and/or terms and
once the offer is
submitted I'll negotiate
for you to get you
the best price and terms
Your offer doesn't become a contract until
both you and the seller have come to an
agreement on all of the terms, you've both
signed and the contract has been delivered
to both of you. Now, you're in contract!
Reviewing Comparable Properties
Before writing an offer, you and I will review all
comparable properties that have sold in the same
neighborhood over the past year.
Sending you Listings from the MLS
Inspecting the Home
I'm going to recommend inspections
to you so that you know the property that you're
buying. I'll also refer you to inspectors that I've
used over the years in case you don't know any.
Making Sure You Like the Neighborhood
I'll make suggestions on ways for you to research the
neighborhood. And...I'll introduce you to your potential future neighbors. They're the experts
on the neighborhood!
Tracking Progress Toward Settlement
I'll stay on top of the transaction with you and I'll send an email like the one above so that you can see the timeline of events as we're working toward settlement.
Attending Settlement
I'm with you at the settlement table and you'll know the numbers
before that day. No surprises for my clients!
Tired of looking at listings that have already sold? I'll fix that for you by creating a
search for you off of the MLS (multiple listing service). Also, notice how I'm including listings that have sold at the bottom so that you can now see selling prices???
Click here
to read my reviews
And the best part is when I hand you these
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