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Aloe Vera Extract as an Alternative Growth Enhancer for Broi

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sip jacinto

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Aloe Vera Extract as an Alternative Growth Enhancer for Broi

a. Background of the study
b. Statement of the Problem
b. Statement of the Problem
d. Scope and Limitations
c. Significance of the study
Broiler production alone is already 85% of the poultry meat requirement of the Filipinos. Although the percentage is high, the industry could hardly make up with the requirement due to high prices of commercially and imported feeds. Thus, the researchers are trying to discover a study to lessen the cost of productions of growth enhancers for chickens. One way is to look for an alternative source of feed supplements that is not only cheap but can boost the growth of chickens and most importantly, is organic and readily available. The researchers are willing to conduct this experiment to help our fellow Filipinos, knowing that this experiment might help them, not only financially, but also concerning the health of our people. As students of Silliman University, School of Basic Education - High School Department, this experiment is whole-heartedly done because our school alone has a field of agriculture which may help in the benefit of chicken production and growth. Aloe Vera is very beneficiary to the health of the Filipinos due to the percentage of poultry meat requirement. Hence, the researchers are eager to conduct this study because of the known fact that feeds contain chemicals that are harmful to the human body, while Aloe Vera extract is a natural phenomenon that can help our whole country.

i. General Objectives

The main objective of this project is to find an alternative growth enhancer for chicks. The project is expected to find a replacement which is both affordable and organic.

i. Specific Objectives

This study also aims to answer the following problems:

Is it possible that Aloe Vera extract can be used as a growth enhancer for chicks?
What are the procedures needed to be done in order to generate the enhancer?
What is in the Aloe Vera extract that can enhance the growth of chicks?
Can the product compete against the factory-made enhancers?
Which enhancer is more effective in terms of growth?

The product covers Aloe Vera extract as an enhancer for chicken growth. The researchers only considered using this product to broilers because they have a growth span which can be completed within 20 to 45 days. The factory chemical composition enhancer is analyzed but not entirely. The Aloe Vera extract which is the main purpose of the study is given much importance.

As Filipinos, the benefits of this project are deeply considered because the fast food chains in our country are rapidly growing. This project is aimed to help chicken raisers find a substitute enhancer which is more convenient to the Filipinos making it cheaper and healthier. This project will also develop the researchers’ resourcefulness by making use of supplies that are spotted easily. It will also be able to contribute to the realization that tells everyone that each of us can contribute it the betterment of science through discovering new ideas.

This project can help not only raisers but also us people when eating at fast food restaurants. The researchers are aiming to help the people both economically and also in the extent of concerning their health. By creating this product, the researchers are hoping for a decrease in the usage of chemically produced enhancers. This project is not only for the raisers and for the people involved in the poultry business, but also for the youth today which would want to see a better future and a safer one when involving the health. Some chemicals injected in the chickens are proven to confuse sexuality or gender, in our case using organic enhancers can lessen or terminate that particular study.
Lastly, the researchers chose to deal with this experiment: “Aloe Vera as an Alternative Growth Enhancer for Chicks” simply because as early as now, the researchers are aiming to make a change and to help provide a safer fast food chain.

Krizia Y. Ibero
Marilit K. Iligan
Louie II A. Naranjo
Samantha P. Tirambulo

Aloe Vera Extract as an Alternative Growth Enhancer for Broiler Chicks
I. Introduction
Treatment/ General Procedure
III. Data and Analysis
A. Findings (Graphical Results of the Experiment)
Height of the chicks given the aloe vera extract and vetrasin in their waters

Weight of the chicks given the aloe vera extract and vetrasin in their waters
B. Analysis of Data
After the aloe vera extract has been made, the researchers placed 100 ml of the product into a gallon of water, and placed 1 tsp. of vetrasin into another gallon of water. On the first week, the researchers, made sure that the chicks were of the same average height and weight (0.4 lbs and 4 inches each). On the preceding weeks the researchers made sure to record all the data observed. The second week data shows that the height of the chicks given the aloe vera became 5.5 inches while the chicks given the water mixed with vetrasin became 5.1 inches only, while their weight became 1.12 lbs (aloe vera) and 1.08 lbs (vetrasin). All throughout the study, it has became obvious that the chicks given the aloe vera grew faster with 6.7 inches and 2.25 lbs for the third week, 8.9 inches and 3.15 lbs for the fourth week, 9.9 inches and 4.18 lbs for the fifth week and for the last week, 10.8 inches and 5.07 lbs. While the measurements of the chicks given the water mixed with vetrasin only shows that on the third week it grew, 6.3 inches and 2.25 lbs, on the fourth week, 8.6 inches and 3.1 lbs, on the fifth week, 9.4 inches and 4.12 lbs and for the last week, 10.5 inches and 4.6 lbs.

IV. Conclsion
After forty-two days of conducting this project the researchers would like to conclude that with this study, which primarily aims to use Aloe Vera as an alternative growth Enhancer for chicks; it can be proven that the chicks given the aloe vera extract are indeed bigger in terms of size and faster in terms of growth when compared to the chicks given the water mixed with vetrasin. Based on the weekly data recordings that the researchers conducted, it shows that the chicks given the aloe vera extract have a faster growth span. On the first week of conducting this study, the researchers started with chicks rendering the same average height and weight; the chicks were given the same amount of feeds per week or per two to three days, but the chicks received different supplements mixed in their waters; which is the primary purpose of this study. For forty-two days of feeding and caring the chicks, it has become an obvious result that the aloe vera is indeed more effective than chemically produced supplements. With that, the researchers are proud to conclude that using aloe vera extract as an alternative growth enhancer for chicks is more effective than using chemically produced supplements for chicks.

II. Procedure
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