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Ivy Lin

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of TOPSHOP

It has shops in around 20 countries, Over 309 stores in the UK, with more than 140 around the world. Each new TOPSHOP to be” fresh, individual and different in each city.”

1994-Oxford Circus, London
Is the UK flagship store and the largest fashion store in the world

2008-Broadway, New York City
TOPSHOP’s first flagship store in US

2011-Michigan Avenue, Chicago
It’s second and largest US flagship

December 2011- South Yarra, Melbourne
First TOPSHOP store in Australian

2012-Las Vegas
It’s the first West Coast store and its first store inside a shopping center in the US STORE LOCATION Sep 2012- Toronto, Canada
First TOPSHOP store in Toronto

Oct 2012- Sydney, Australia
Opening the second TOPSHOP store in Australia

Oct 2012- Granville Street, Vancouver
Open the first largest International stores outside of UK in Canada’s West Coast

Nov 2012- Sandton City, South Africa
First flagship stores in South Africa around 950m²

Dec 2012-KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
Second stores in South Africa

Feb 2013- Grove Shopping Center, L.A
Fourth TOPSHOP location in the States, measure 25,000 sqft.

2013- JK Iguatemi, Brazil
Iguatemi Group is opening a mall in São Paulo,
JK Iguatemi will be home to the first TOPSHOP
units to open in Latin American.

TOPSHOP also Looking to open in Mexico as well FUTURE OPENING ITA
CHELSEA TOPSHOP is a British multinational retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories. TOPSHOP is part of the Arcadia Group, which is wholly owned by Tina Green who owns a number of other retail outlets. SWOT Stronger International retail and online presence

Surprisingly free executive style service for all customers, such as personal style consultants, TOPSHOP to go, TOPSHOP express , membership card, nail bar, hair salon , café/sandwich bar)

Wide variety of merchandise

A broad diversity of collection ( maternity, mini, vintage, tall, petite, unique and emerge collection)

Celebrity and Collaboration

Great awards recognition

Strong Social networking (Facebook, twitter, tumblr, inside out, youtube)

It part of Arcadia group with its multiple other brands Strengths Average or low quality

The staff is not well trained

Young demographic limited market

Large store can overwhelming customers

No stores in CHINA

Possibility of higher cooperative taxes Weaknesses Growth due to E-Commerce (Online shopping , phone apps, virtual fitting room)

Many benefits having factories in Europe rather than ASIA

Possibility for serious growth in CHINA Opportunities Possibility of higher cooperative taxes

Manufacturing cost are rising

Constant stream of new competitors in both their home market and other countries

Recession produce sales

Encounter political problems in the countries that they operate in

Potential for copy Threats VISION “Improve the life of anyone that involved making and selling their product and reduce to minimize the amount of the environmental damage cause by their business.” MISSION “Committed to delivering runway fashion to everyone on the street by expanding worldwide market” VALUES “We strive to make excellent, high quality and innovated products while being honest and open with our business.” GOALS Short term: Expanding their children’s wear

Long term: To become the largest fashion store in other cities than London

Teams up with Travelodge hotel to increase traffic in their retails stores CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION High street brand
The most influential fashion brand in the UK
Stylish & Fashionable
Offering fashion and quality at the best price
Topshop differentiate themselves as a fashion-led trendsetter inspired by London youth culture and fashion. TOPSHOP defines their brand focus as “eclectic British style”

Majoring in up-to-the-minute affordable style, TOPSHOP’s brave and irreverent approach has endeared the brand to fashion-conscious shoppers and industry insiders alike, all of whom delight in the store's cult status whilst enjoying its accessibility and buzzy atmosphere.

TOPSHOP is a store that combines top dollar and low dollar fashion pieces and collections that allow for a wide-ranging product mix, ultimately contributing to it’s high-climbing success globally. POSITIONING
2010: Launch make-up for festivals as part of its long- awaited line of cosmetics 2008: Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab, Jonathan Saunders, Richard Nicoll, Todd Lynn and Louise Goldin all produce collections for Topshop during London Fashion Week 2006: Launch of Kate Moss for Topshop 2005: Unique SS06 is shown on schedule at London Fashion Week 2002: Topshop commences sponsorship of the New Gen Scheme 2001: Unique collection launches 1998: Topshop starts to secure its status as a destination for pioneering British Fashion on the high street and the repositioning of the brand commences. 1994: The iconic TOPSHOP flagship store was opened at London Oxford Circus. 1992: TOPSHOP and TOPMAN come together in Oxford Circus to become the largest fashion store in the world 1978: Counterpart TOPMAN enters the high street as a stand alone retailer 1974: The first stand-alone Topshop store was opened. 1964: Opened as a small department within the Peter Robinson store in Shefield. HISTORY Oxford Circus, London Oxford Circus, London Shinjuku, Japan Shinjuku, Japan Michigan Avenue, Chicago Michigan Avenue, Chicago South Yarra, Melbourne South Yarra, Melbourne Pilip Green is one of the Top 20 Richest People in UK as of 2012 Sir Philip Green (born 15 March 1952) is a British businessman. Green began as a businessman at the age of 15. The first and last quoted company Green took lead of was "Amber Day", from which he stepped down as CEO and Chairman in 1992. Since then he has had links to a range of British companies; including a hostile bid for Marks and Spencer and the management of the Arcadia Group, both alongside or supporting his wife. He has been involved in a range of controversies related to both his personal and business life. FOUNDER BHS
WALLIS Arcadia Group INTRODUCTION & HISTORY 1. Affiliate program: every sale made through a website or blog earns money in your pocket.
2. Social media power: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, blog, own radio website, Vimeo, Tumblr, Youtube
3. Customer comments/ feedback on website for every product 1. Need to expand in European market
2. According to customer feedback, many products have low quality fit or fabrics
3. Some products are presented inadequately in online photos COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 1. Limited stock of items, if a style runs out it is not replaced 
2. Cheap fabrics and textiles allow for poor quality clothing
3. Only an online shop, no ambition for a tangible market 1. Easy return and refund process for undesired items with instant refund
2. 13.6 million visitors every month
2. Free shipping every time COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Devotion to Quality & Customer Satisfaction 1. Vertically integrated company
2. Market driven strategy: the trends the customers want (Fashion imitator)
3. Wide and deep assortment plan
4. Time to market is very fast
5. Affordable prices
6. One of the three largest clothing brands in the world 1. Accused of using suppliers who run sweatshops in 2011
2. Low quality of textiles and fabrics in comparison with the price and price markups; short product life cycle
3. Very limited investment in customer satisfaction and experience inside the store and with the final product. COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 1. All merchandise is made specifically for the company: Primark brand names.
2. Dominating UK market with 156 stores
3. Ability to offer most clothing merchandise at 12 euro 1. No market in the United States
2. No online shop
3. Cheap sourcing using only simple designs and fabrics COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 1. No market outside the United States
2. No exchanges for international orders
3. All returns and refunds are only issued in the U.S. dollar amount 1. International shipping to 135 countries
2. Medium-high quality materials and fabrics
3. Strong brand identity
4. Free People affiliate program
5. Free People wholesale website
6. Size charts in EU/ Japan/ UK/ AU
Competitor Advantage 1. Very limited target market, mostly young students
2. Cheap textiles and fabrics allow for poor quality clothing
3. Limited investment in customer experience inside the store 1. Source for the most current fashions at the greatest value
2. wide product mix including makeup COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 1. Low cost fabrics and textiles provide poor quality of clothing.
2. Limited investment in customer experience inside the store
3. Problems with outsourcing 1. Few middleman from product to sales
2. Right products for the right markets
3. Cost conscious at every stage of production and distribution
4. Simple logistics
5. wide product mix including makeup
6. Store growth target to increase 10-15% every year
7. One of the three largest clothing brands in the world CURRENT SITUATION Psychographic :
Who like pubbing, clubbing and have a sense of fun
Driven by a need to be fashionable and trendy at affordable prices
Fashion conscious shoppers
Customers who cherish the TOPSHOP cult status and buzzy atmosphere
Customers who like to combine street style with the style of the catwalk and runway

Behavioral : loyal customers
Students receive 10% off all year round with valid student card
10 years of supporting young emerging British talent, attracts a younger age group Possibility of higher cooperative taxes Geographic : Global Demographic :
15–30 Years old CLOTHING Dresses Tops Jackets & Coat Denim Jeans Trousers & Leggings Shorts Skirts Playsuits Tight & Socks Swimwear Ligerie & Nightwear Petite Tall Maternity SHOES Heels Flats Boots Premium Shoes Shoe Accessories ACCESSORIES Bags & Purses Belts Collars Hats Scarves Jewellery Umbrellas Sunglasses Hair Accessories MAKE UP Eyes Lips Face Nails Make Up Accessories DESIGNERS Unique Boutique Emerge CJG Ashish Richard Nicoll Maarten Van Der Horst Mary Katrantzou COLLECTIONS Going Out Dress up Topshop Limited Edition Dresses Made In Britain Reclaim to Wear LACE PETER PAN DRESS
Price: £48.00
Price: £30.00
Price: £52.00
Price: £38.00
Price: £55.00
Colour: PINK PRODUCT PACKAGING Shipping Bag Smart Design:
convenient (Hanger on the top; opening at the bottom) Shopping Bag PACKAGE OF MAKE UP CJG shoes box Shopping Bag 100% recycled paper bag SHOPPING BAG PRICE FACE PALETTE
Price: £8.00
Price: £34.00
Price: £12.00
Price: £16.00
Price: £35.00
Price: £16.00
Price: £65.00
Price: £4.50
Price: £15.00
Price: £90.00
Price: £6.50
Price: £20.00
Price: £40.00
Price: £20.00
Price: £48.00
Price: £38.00
Price: £36.00
Colour: BLONDE Mary Katrantzou Special
Print Tote Bag Giveaway Receive it with every purchase of Mary Katrantzou for Topshop, Topshop Unique and New Gent t-shirts SUMMER TREAT! in 2009 While stocks last, we're giving away one of these adorable canvas bags with every purchase made on Topshop.com. Which one's your favourite? We're loving the stripey one. Specially designed tote bags for the openning of TOPSHOP in Las Vegas. The free promotional tote bags for NYC 7P Affordable price for customers Topshop offers large varieties of products Shoes box Sunglasses Box MARKETING MIX PUBLICITY Magazine Newspapers Metro Advertising Billboard According to Linkfluence- the world leader in social media analysis, this resulted in over 115 mentions every month amongst the most influential blogs, online magazines and traditional media, none of which they paid for.

214 magazine is owned and created by TOPSHOP, is a guide to the new season look book WWD 2011 Daily Telegraph 2011 Daily Telegraph 2007 Daily Telegraph 2008 Southport Visiter 2011 YOU Magazine 2011 Metro advertisements in NYC subway 2008 New York 2008 New York 2011 Chicago 2011 Melbourne SOCIAL NETWORKING NEWSLETTERS EVENT CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CHARITIES Collaboration PR As one of the biggest supporters of British talent young design , TOPSHOP has sponsored the internationally recognized NEWGEN, They provide a global platform for them.


2007- Stella Vine, Kate Moss

2008-Simone Shailes, Celia Birtwell,Preen, Peter Jensen, Todd Lynn ,Gareth Pugh

2009-Christopher Kane, Barbara Hulanicki, Markus Lupfer,Holly Fulton

2010-Jonathan Saunders, Ahish,Emma Cook,

2011-Michael Van Der Ham , Simone Rocha , David Koma, Danielle Scutt , Louise Goldin, Marios Schwab ,Peter Pilotto

2012 - Richard Nicoll , Meadham Kirchhoff , Mary Katrantzou,Maarten Van Der Horst, Louis Gray, JW Anderson, Chloe Green Collaborations make good financial sense for both parties involved
Large retailer opens the brand up to whole new customer

'Through working directly with designers and creating accessibly priced ranges, retailers not only provide the designer with much needed income but also high levels of awareness’. Richard Nicoll Markus Lupfer Danielle Scutt David Koma Maarten Van Der Horst Jonathan Saunders Meadham Kirchhoff Emma Cook Christopher Kane Mary Katrantzou Barbara Hulanicki Celia Birtwell Launched in 2007 and was one of the most hotly anticipated high street collaboration.

But after 3 years and 14 collection, Kate Moss for TOPSHOP will cease to exist as a regular line in 2010

1069 online articles about TOPSHOP between June and Dec 2010, 217 were in relations to Kate moss.

Copied from her own closet
Cheaply mass-produced versions with high price
Sales has been poor and economy is bad
Celebrity-driven brands COLLABORATION × KATE MOSS Sponsored Fashion EAST, one of London’s essential platforms for burgeoning and innovative talent, since 2003. the not-for-profit scheme is credited with helping to bring fresh new talent to the industry’s attention. FASHION EAST TOPSHOP think they are not the company which only providing a fast fashion ,but they also deliver a commitment to be communities they are part of in the UK . They consider it is their duties to support charity . Centre point TOPSHOP SAYS DONATE CAMPAIGN! Starlight Improve the lives of children Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
Raise £26,500 Teenage Cancer Trust
Raise under £40,000 Raise Money for Cancers Save the environment
TRAID Help the elders
Age UK/over £12,500 Stationary soup kitchens
In December 2010, TOPSHOP sponsored stationary soup kitchens serving delicious and nutritious soups in some place in London. Christmas shoppers could enjoy a choice of soups for free, in return for a donation to the charity - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) Support animal right 2006 "NO FUN"
2008 "EXOTIC SKINS" CHARITY EVENT: 10 years renew NEWGEN sponsorship 20 of their most famous designer to design a T-shirt, to be sold in shops and online Objective:
T-shirt cost £30 of which £7 will be donated to CentrePoint, a charity which deals with homeless young people.

Grow the fashion industry in the UK

Increasing the number of industry apprenticeships.

Take advantage of the opportunities that will arise from the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee TOPSHOP ‘SUSTAIN’ PROGRAMME 2010/2011- Organic cotton into Moto range, sold over 15,000 pairs.

2011Teams up with ethical wool company Izzy Lane, bring eco-conscious theory

2012Launch Eco Friendly collection” RECLAIM TO WEAR” made entirely from discarded materials, such as surplus stock and production off-cuts Organic cotton Moto Jeans Izzy Lane Reclaim to wear FASHION CATWALK TOPSHOP’S “UNIQUE” collection is the only high street brand to show on schedule at London Fashion Week Gossip Girl star Taylor Momse Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss Anna Wintour and her daughter Bee Shaffer JAY Z Jennifer Hudson 2008
TOPSHOP grand opening VIP dinner in New York Sep 2011, TOPSHOP grand opening in Chicago 2011 December
TOPSHOP Launch party in Melbourne Topshop and Topman Open at Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas March 2012 SPECIAL CUSTOMER EVENT TOPSHOP teamed up with Teen Vogue to host an amazing event for all of the VIP customers and bloggers who attended! Teen vouge’s students will give free makeup to TOPSHOP’s personal shopper and VIP customers. TEEN Vogue’s Fashion University VIP Event GRAND OPENING Fabulous party in celebration of their new “Dress Up Collection” Dress Up Event TOPSHOP invite Olivia Palermo to give styling advice to customers during the holidays and customers could add a competitors to win a personal meeting with her OLIVIA PALERMO holidays styling Hosting a whole load of style celebrations and discover the fashion moments of the girls at Vogue VOGUE Fashion Night Out Ultimate Prom Party Event Teen Vogue teamed up with TOPSHOP to present their Ultimate Prom Party, an event showcasing some of TOPSHOP's hottest prom looks! TOPSHOP TOPMAN Catwalk preview TOPSHOP Stratford opening marketing materials, Flyers Chicago Opening Materials, Illustration/Canvas Bags/Bottle Labels/Flyers/Tags/Lucky Gift Cards Secret Store Marketing Materials/Press Invites Marketing Materials for Black Friday TOPSHOP Christmas Campaign, Flyers/
Recept Cards/Soup Van/Cups 2012s/s TOPSHOP TOPMAN Preview
Catwalk Invitation 2010 s/s TOPSHOP TOPMAN Collection Meadham Kirchhoff event for TOPSHOP INVITATION CARD Build customer loyalty
Communication with everything about TOPSHOP
Save environment
Enhance B to C relationship E-NEWSLETTERS Advantage:
Keep website fresh and update
Attract new customers
Provide expert advice
Build customer relationships
Gain competitive edge
Build a brand TOPSHOP BLOG “INSIDE –OUT” Goals
Keeping connect with customers
Spread the information
Translates into sales
Strengthening brand imageWord-of mouth 2,442,489 likes
25,260 talking about this FACEBOOK Compare with 2011, TOPSHOP has added more than 1m new fans in 2012 Is the most popular retailer on Facebook in 2012 Reference : http://www.edigitalresearch.com/ TOP 20 UK retailers on Facebook 10,621 tweets

386,585 followers Is the most popular retailer on Twitter in 2012 Compare to Facebook, the no. of followers on twitter are much less it means facebook is still the no.1 of the social networking sites. Reference : http://www.edigitalresearch.com/ TWITTER TOP 20 UK retailers on Twitter Is the social currency for young online. TOPSHOP harnesses this potential by posting real time images of people wearing current TOPSHOP product on the street, and a link for where to buy of course.

Improve brand loyalty
Spark Word Of Mouth
Build on consumer retention
Better brand recall TUMBLR According to edigtalresearch, TOPSHOP doing not very well in GOOGLE+, however his one of the competitor ASOS is No.1 of followers on the rank TOP 20 UK retailers on Google+ Reference : http://www.edigitalresearch.com/ GOOGLE+ Social is the new local. Pinterest is in the top 5 and now rates as the third most popular social network in the US. Pinterest is moving from text to image, putting the impulse back into shopping. 87% of the users are female PINTEREST TOPSHOP IS THE MOST SOCIAL FASHION RETAILS Social leaders Reference: http://www.stickyeyes.com/ Most visible and interactive brands ASOS and TOPSHOP lead the social score and have the most extensive range of customer touchpoints across all the major social platforms. Reference: http://www.stickyeyes.com/ 2012 NEWGEN/TEN Nick Knigh’ts fashion film 2011 Spring Summer Trend fashion film Barbara Hulanicki for TOPSHOP Fashion Film Christmas fashion film 2010 FASHION FILM TOPSHOP will have a tour bus traveling the city to different locations for various planned activities include Makeovers, Personal Shopping & Customization. The first 30 customers who get bus ticket in each day could win a gift card worth up to $500 TOUR BUS Goals
Interact with customers and make timely offers when they are close to your store
Build strong relationship between company and customer
Increase the brand awareness
WOM Provide a opportunity to offer the student customers the ability to interact with the brand in a more fun and engaging way
To increase sales in the short term
Boost brand popularity New student campaign with a smartphone app. Anyone within a 500m radius of store can play the game. Rewards include a 20% discount in store and entry into a competition to win a a £500 shopping spree TEN YEARS OF SUPPORTING TALENT BRITIHS FASHION Ethical and environmentally conscious clothing pieces fair wage
clear communication channel
correct concept on sourcing
health care
marginalised worker People

Environmental care labelling (ex: washing temperatures & cleaner ‘Green Earth’ cleaner)
clothing waste to be recycled or given to charity
packing : less packing (ex: shoes boxes), 100% recycle paper bag, polythene bag
sourcing: local sourcing, eco-fabrics & new technologies in the production of denim.
no real fur or pelts products
cosmetics must not be tested on animals. Topshop has around 440 shops and online shop which is all wholly owned. [ physical shopping ] Global 440 stores  over 300 stores in the main market UK.
The iconic London flagship store “Oxford Circus” to set up brand image.

 Others 100s stores are located in 33 countries around the world. Topshop Oxford Circus flagship store. Full range goods & big storage to distributing goods to branches

Propaganda & Advertising

Including: nail bar/leaching/hairdresser/
waxing/tattoo & piercing/EAT café/
sandwich bar. Online Shop  A no distance window
to reach closer consumers all around the world.
- In 2012, Launches French and German language sites.
- Shipping to over 100 countries
- Attracts 1.9 million users per week

 Growing ecommerce sales
reflecting changes in shopping habits as more goods were bought online.
- Launch"Click-and-collect" Service
- Topshop reports that 62% of their customers consider
"The quality image are most important feature when buying fashion online" Placement Topshop's pop-up store in Cape Town, South Africa Topshop May Open an LA Pop Up Before Grove Store Debuts POP UP STORE TOPSHOP at Thompson LES Hotel http://www.twylah.com/Topshop/tweets/210844430058524674 http://www.thatsmags.com/prd/article/1156/topshop-opens-in-shenzhen Topshop Opens in Shenzhen Topshop Topman in Toronto Topshop Summer Takeover Pop Up Shop at Queen Street West + Soho Street SECRET STORE in Oxford Circus flagship store, london Topshop windows at Knightbridge, London Topshop Summer windows by CRM Topshop Oxford Circus windows by StudioXAG, London Black and white is best at Cos and Topshop Teamed up with Russian agency to create a virtual fitting room in TOPSHOP store in Moscow

Allows the customers to select a garment off the rack without having to try it on physically.
As a customer, you see yourself on screen with a 3D copy of a dress.
Allows the customers to watch both front and back

Improve consumer store shopping experience
Enhance the relationship between the products and consumers
Simulate retail sales VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM Achievements :

640 blogs covered the campaign, giving a reach of 1.3 million

Extra 5.3 million views on Facebook, as well as 2,000 comments.

In 4 days they received as much as traffic on their Facebook page as they normally would in 1 year A digital campaign, shoppers were invited to create a digital "Wish You Were At TOPSHOP” postcard using phone sharing app Instagram

Goal: To provide an incentive to customers who going to the store WISH YOU WERE at TOPSHOP Window Display In-Store Customer Experience CYCLE CHIC TOPSHOP provided 30 free bicycles in their store to the customers, People cycling around the city will be invited to take street style snaps of cycling looks and enter them into a competition. Eventually will be five winners and each of them will receive a free set of wheels Goals:
Attract more customers to the store and maximize the visitors
Make potential customers aware of the stores and the products that TOPSHOP offer
Build relationships with customers FASHION SPECTACULAR CYCLE CHIC TOPSHOP teamed up with designer Meadham Kirchhoff to celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Costumers has a chance of winning a Meadham Kirchhoff Jubilee glitter tee and a £500 shopping spree by tweeting a picture of themselves to Topshop window display, London Topshop Oxford Circus
flagship store by Dalziel
and Pow, London SCVNGR APP TOPSHOP Online Coupons & E coupons with Voucher code

Encourage larger and repeat purchases
Introduce a new product
Help to make profit in the short time ONLINE COUPONS Students who have NUS Cardholders, NUS Extra Cardholders and Irish Travel Cardholders all receive 10% off discount
Discount is not available on gift cards or store card payments. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT In 2011, HSBC corporate with TOPSHOP to promote a sales activity for 5 days called “HSBC Experience Smart Shopping”. The deal was Up to 50%OFF+20%OFF and only exclusively for HSBC Credit Card Holders Goals
Obtain an increase in sales in short term
Increasing or building demand for a product
Influence the ultimate buyers to try a brand or change their mind to another brand. CORPORATE PROMOTION You can buy TOPSHOP gift certification worth any amount of money and give to your friends to use it in any other store and online Build strong relationship between company and customer
Indirectly stimulate sales Gift Card PROMOTION Top - Product [retailer] FEI Space in Beijing Fei Space is working closely with the Topman team to choose pieces from various collections, alongside a mix of designer collaborations and limited edition ranges. This is the only agent and store sell Topshop products in China. The channel are in the shop and online store. [department Store] Nordstorm + Topshop ★ NEW !! It will cooperate with one of the biggest US department store Nordstrom from this September 10. Topshop goods will arrive in retailer Nordstrom's online shop and 14 physical shops. ASOS and TOPSHOP are the top performers for social media marketing, according to a new report from stickyeyes
ASOS is the top performer, achieving 87%, TOPSHOP came second with 77% COMMUNICATION MIX 8% of sales are coming through mobile.
App in mobiles, notebooks and iPads increase the sales. Online sales and mobile sales are reportedly growing by three to four times compared to last Mobile Shopping  [ virtual shopping ] Motivated by self expression
Enthusiastic, impulsive, offbeat
High portion of income spent on fashion, entertainment, socializing
Can positively react into the development of TOPSHOP as a more interactive brand they can engage with Goal-oriented lifestyle
Values consensus, predictability, and stability
Self image is highly important
Prefer established and prestigious brands
Would benefit from the development of TOPSHOP as a more interactive brand they can build a stronger relationship with THANK YOU!! Future customer relations proposal for TOPSHOP
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