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My presentation on Siberia. In includes the 5 themes of geography.

Blondia Blonde

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Siberia

Human Environment
Interactions Place Location Region Let's take a journey to learn all about the region of Siberia...Are you up for it? Movement In Siberia, it usually has winter-like conditions. It is always very cold and snowy, so not many flowers can grow. There are a lot of tree’s. Absolute Location Currency Siberia By: Adia Scenery 5° 54' 9" North, 75° 55' 51" West Cars: People in Siberia get around in cars as well as we do here in America. They even need it more, since it is always snowy and icy there. Social Media: A rapidly growing social networking cite is Expatriates.ru. News Paper: The top news source in Siberia is none other than The Siberian Times. Siberia is actually not a country, it is a region in large Russia. However, since Russia is so large, I am going to shrink it down to just the region of Siberia. So let's begin! Trains: The Trans- Siberian is a very popular train in Siberia. Endangered Animals: Here is just a few of the endangered species in Russia:
White Storks Saiga Antelope Polar Bear Snow Leopard Pollution: In over 80 of Russia’s major cities, the air pollution is over 10x the accepted safety level. This is Moscow That is a lot of pollution! expirates.ru HEY! Yolo! submitted about 12 hours ago search HAHAHA! Jeffrey you are so funny! =P about 11 hours ago 3 likes HA! You are all so funny! See you in class tomorrow. about 10 hours ago TODAY ONLY Climate Siberia’s climate is known for having harsh, cold, winters. There winters are similar to ours, but last most of the year. Terrain Siberia has lots of Tundra, Forests and grasslands. There are other types of terrain in Siberia; but these are the most common. There are many mountain ranges in Russia. One of the mountains ranges in Siberia is the Ural Mountains. Mountains Nobody likes this Relative Location Siberia is very similar to Alaska in most aspects. Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and North Korea. Neighboring Countries: Bordering Bodies of Water East Siberian Sea, Laptev Sea, Shelikhov Gulf, Chuckchi Sea, Bering Sea, Pacific Ocean, Artic Ocean This is what money in Siberia looks like. Religion: One religion in Siberia is
Shamanism. Economy About 70% of Siberia's people live in cities. Most city people live in apartments. That is very good for
businesses in the city. Siberia produces over 10% of the world's annual fish catch, which brings in a lot of money. THE END!
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