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Creative Adaptation

No description

Jo Field

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of Creative Adaptation

The Washing Line Approach
Devising 'Beauty & The Beast'
The Three-Part Assessment
Finding the text
Try to avoid using a text that has already been made into a film

Non-fiction makes a really good starting point

Children's stories are excellent to adapt creatively

Look for a good story with plenty of action or events
We have to see two live examples of the style
Creative Adaptation is the process of turning a novel or non-fiction text into a stage play
Creative Adaptation
it is collaborative and you are marked on process so it must be devised by the group not an individual

everyone in the group must read the text in full

It must be 'A' Level standard - you have to go way beyond anything you devised at GCSE

Push yourself! Try out new ideas! Work physically. Ask yourself (all the time) is this an interesting way of telling the story at this moment?

Don't try to script the piece - this will destroy the process and always gets lower marks
The 'Magpie' Approach
A2 Drama Devised Performance
Preparation & Development (15 marks)
Supporting Notes (15 marks)
Performance (50 marks)
40% overall A2
Scratch Performances
Weds 3rd Feb

Exam Performances
Weds 10th Feb
The Rules
the 2nd is....'Our Country's Good' at the National Theatre, London
on 29th Sept
...the 1st was 'The Curious Incident of the Dog
in the Night-time'
New ideas are rare in theatre...so we steal all the good ideas from theatre companies and their creative adaptations.
It's allowed - in fact, you have to...as you are marked on your references to two live works this in your Supporting Notes!
How you tell the story is very important
Key features of the style are the use of a variety of drama forms and theatrical devices which tell the story in an engaging way
Do lots of research
Be excited by the text
Drama Form
direct address
physical theatre
split scene
freeze fame
slow motion
acting against type
framing device
You must...
We'll also watch 'Frankenstein' on video
(starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Johnny Lee
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