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Elements of Fantasy

A short introduction to the elements of fantasy fiction for upper primary/middle school students

Zoey Grills

on 17 July 2018

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Transcript of Elements of Fantasy

St Rita's School of Fantastical Witchcraft and Writing Wizardry
Take down the following notes for entry into this prestigious magic academy
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at St Rita's School of Fantastical Witchcraft and Writing Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
School begins on in Term 3. We await your owl no later than the end of class.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Fantastical Teachers

Year 8
“A fiction evoking wonder and containing a
substantial and irreducible element of supernatural
or impossible worlds, beings or objects with which the
reader or the characters within the story become on
at least partly familiar terms"
Fantasy is:
1. Magic features prominently in the story
2. Story lines feature “good” (light) versus “evil” (dark)
3. Characters often receive magical gifts
4. Characters may include mythical creatures or talking animals
5. Detailed settings describe another world that contains elements that would never be possible in our own world
Sword & Sorcery

Saga, Myth & Legend

Time Travel & Crossing Over

Fairy Tales

World of Faerie



Paranormal Powers
Heroes/Heroines vs. Villains/Evil
Good vs. Evil theme
Magic & the Supernatural
Typically in trilogies or series
Sword and Sorcery
Can you think of a movie or book that contains any of these elements? Write it down as an example for Sword and Sorcery

The “created” world is that of myth, saga, or legend from an ancient culture
for example Greek, Celtic, Chinese
Arthurian Legend is a very popular backdrop
Saga, Myth and Legend
Time Travel in Fantasy novels is usually accidental

In Crossing Over fantasies, the character is magically transported from the “real” world to a fantasy world.
Time Travel and Crossover
Can you think of an example when this happens in a movie or a book? Write it down
Retelling of classic tales often with a new twist
Newly created stories that have the “feel” of a classic fairy tale
Fairy Tales
What is a recent movie example of this? Write it down.
*Hint* Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth were the stars of one film.
Creatures with magical powers
Faerie vs. the Human world
Set in both fantastic realms & contemporary settings
World of Faerie
Recognisable settings
Sometimes called “Low Fantasy”or
“Realistic Fantasy”
More accessible for some readers
What is a recent film/book example of this? Write it down
*Hint* HG
Play a role in most fantasy stories in some form or other
Unicorns and dragons are popular as subjects in their own right. Many fantasy writers use mythical creatures or even invent new forms of animals.
Common animals with special power or significant differences - flying dogs, talking cats etc.
Mind Powers
- Telepathy–common between humans and animals in fantasy
– Telekinesis
- Precognition
Shapeshifting –Can take on a different form
Supernatural Beings
write a definition and example for each of these
Paranormal Powers
Answer the questions on your owl to gain entry to St Rita's School of Fantastical Witchcraft and Writing Wizardry
Test Your Knowledge
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