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Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort

No description

Timothy Strong

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort

“...action control systems should be considered tight only if it is highly likely that employees
will engage consistently in all of the actions critical to the operation’s success and will
not engage in harmful actions.”
Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort

Central Issue/Theme
Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort
Controls Over Cash and Credit
Conclusions and Recommendations
The Future of Bellagio Operations
Key facts:
Gaming Operations
individual cash accountability
cash personnel
coin redemption personnel
chip fillbank personnel
cash transfers
credit issuance
Casino Loan or a "Marker"
3 part paperwork system

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Management Control Systems, Fall 2013
Danielle Razo, Tim Strong, Regine Vik, Matyas Hilgert

4000 Employees
Premier Casino Resorts
Offer the "Complete Casino Experience"
24 hours daily
1000/4000 employees works in Finance
2409 Slot Machine
143 Gaming tables
Key facts: Company
Separate profit centers
MGM MIRAGE: Operating Results
Key facts:
Competitive environment
Highly Regulated:
Gaming Operation
count room security
responsible for specific $$
Drop Box Standards
incoming & outgoing
pit managers count chips for each table
pit managers record on table inventory sheet
both pit managers sign the sheet
one copy is dropped into the pit drop box
duplicate copy is delivered to
casino cage
cage cashier
enter into computer system
The Future of Gaming
-Live information and tracking?
-RFID tags for every chip?
-Cards to monitor player performance?
-Better training to eliminate human error?
-Digitization of surveillance?

They don’t just come to Vegas anymore to gamble; rather, they are attracted
by shopping, dining, spas, shows, and entertainment.
They want to have a good time; not just gamble. This has resulted in a shift in revenues from gaming to non-gaming.
** note: pit managers did not have access to the computer system
Table inventory
carts secured with special padlock
** guard & pit boss do not have keys to padlock
New table or Addl. chips
pit manager enters
request into computer
"input form"
request sent to cage
4 page-"fill slip" is printed
cashier and guard in cage
fill the order
cashier and guard sign pages 1-3
page 4 goes to accounting dept.
dealer counts chips dealer and pit manager sign page 1&2
page 2 & input for placed in drop box
Opening a Table or Need for More Chips
guard transports chips and page 1&2 to pit manager

page 3 - stays with cashier
guard takes signed page 1 to cashier

page 1 &3 to
accounting dept.
2 guards obtain
count room key
empty drop boxes & keys
guards change drop boxes with empty boxes
full boxes are placed on carts
2 guards
1 pit manager
transport boxes to count room
count room keys and drop box keys returned to cage
24 Hour Drop Box Procedure
"Overall, action control systems should be considered tight only if it is highly likely that employees will engage consistently in all of the actions critical to the operation’s success and will
not engage in harmful actions."
Marker Paperwork
1. The Original
kept in the pit till the marker was settled
2. Issuance Stub
signed by the dealer and floor supervisor
inserted into the table drop box
30 minute time limit
3. Payment Stub
if paid in pit > payment signed by pit supervisor
if paid at table > dealer had to pay in public view
not paid > payment stub was sent to cage
3 person minimum
each box counted separately
Signed by every counter
Master Game Worksheet
Money Tranfer Slip - 3 parts
Action controls are predominate
behavioral constraints: locks, keys
preaction review: auditing
action accountability: timed processes & serial #
redundancy : back-up people
Nevada Gaming Authorities
To operate: Must obtain license and pay gaming fees & taxes

Controls are legally mandated:
-accounting, record keeping and financial practices: Monitoring of results and auditing procedures
-Prevent cheating and fraud: report "suspicious activities"
-Report cash transaction excess of $10 000- 24h period

Rules, Laws & Regulation:
Responsibility, Financial stability and Character of the owners, managers and other people of interest
Licensing of Casino Personnel
All employee has to register - Key employee must be licensed
Table Games
Slot Machine
Cross-sectoral applicability of
Tight Control Systems
"The implementation of virtually all controls requires companies to incur some direct,
out-of-pocket costs. But sometimes those direct costs are dwarfed by the indirect costs caused by any of a number of harmful side effects."
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