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The History of Computers

Timeline of key moments in computer history.

Chandler Sears

on 14 March 2012

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Transcript of The History of Computers

1800s 2000 1940 Charles Babbage devises the first computer
1836 Morse Code is invented
1838 Konrad Zuse creates the first computer, the "Z1".

. 1980 First Electronic Computer
1944 IBM makes first mass produced computer
1952 The Altair is invented
1975 Apple replaces Altair as main computer
1976 The History of Computers! 3" Floppy Disc is Introduced
1982 Microsoft is born
1985 The World Wide Web is created
1990 The First P.D.A. is created
1996 Tablet PC is first computer to use a stylis
2002 The ARPANET becomes the internet
1983 Created by Chandler Sears and Caleb Burris
"Always My Best"
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