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"Here" Thomas Smith

A Prezi presentation about RS Thomas's "Here"

Thomas Smith

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of "Here" Thomas Smith

A Prezi Presentation by: Thomas Smith
Mrs. Williams
AICE English Lit. Author: R.S. Thomas "Here" Ronald Stuart Thomas was born on March 29, 1913, in Cardiff, Wales
He studied at the Bangor University, where he read many classic books, poems, and plays. From there, he went on to complete his theological education at St. Michael's College in Llandaff.
R.S. Thomas became an Anglican Priest and eventually turned into a published author.
Thomas viewed western society as materialistic and greedy. He uses his religious background and political views as fuel, to ignite the creative inferno that is his poetry. I am a man now.
Pass your hand over my brow.
You can feel the place where the brains grow.

I am like a tree,
From my top boughs I can see
The footprints that led up to me.

There is blood in my veins
That has run clear of the stain
Contracted in so many loins.

Why, then, are my hands red
With the blood of so many dead?
Is this where I was misled?

Why are my hands this way
That they will not do as I say?
Does no God hear when I pray?

I have no where to go
The swift satellites show
The clock of my whole being is slow,

It is too late to start
For destinations not of the heart.
I must stay here with my hurt. "Here" by: R.S. Thomas Now I am an Adult
Feel my forehead
Can you feel the wrinkles?

I am wiser now
I have the ability to think at a higher level
I can better judge the actions of my youth.

Even though I am a human,
I am clear of sin
Even those that tempt everybody

Then why do I feel so guilty
for the sins of others?
Is this where I am wrong?

Why are my hands still folded
and why do I keep praying?
Is there even a God to answer them?

I cannot escape from my fate
There has always been someone watching my actions
I am running out of time to make this right

It is too late to try to fix the problem
If I only want to fix it for selfish reasons
I now have to suffer with the consequences of my actions. Poetry Analysis "Here" by: RS Thomas Thomas Smith
Mrs. Williams
AICE English Lit. Sum up of "Here" This poem is about an older man who is reflecting on something that he did many years prior. He felt during that time, that his actions were clear and just, but now as he looks back at that time, he realizes how misguided he was. He claims that he has committed no sin, yet he still feels guilty.
Throughout the poem, we are presented with a powerful sense of guilt, remorse, and sorrow. He states that he can't hide what he did, and that it is too late to fix what went wrong and find a solution. He then goes on to claim that he is left alone with the pain of never being able to fix the problem he caused.
Although it is unclear what the speaker is regretful for, the title of the poem "Here" suggests that the speaker is trying to tell the story what went wrong as he personally reflects on the situation. He is saying that this is where he is, and that this is a very depressing place. He is left "Here" because he lacks the essential ability to properly find a solution, and go where he wants to be. Mood Tone References R.S. Thomas www.utdallas.edu/~jenelow/RS.html#here


http://www.poetryarchive.org/poetryarchive/singlePoet.do?poetId=7175 Theme Live life without regrets and always be sure to think your actions through. Another Title Depressing, Sorrowful Regretful "This is where I was left
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