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kaylee norris-neonatal nurse

No description

Kaylee Norris

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of kaylee norris-neonatal nurse

A Neonatal nurse is a nursing practice of caring for new born infants.

There are 3 different levels of a neonatal nurse may work in.

Level 1: Is careing for the healthy newborns.Level I nurseries are now uncommon in the United States.The healthy babies usually stay in the rooms with their moms ,and they both patients leave the hospitals quickly.

Level 2:Calls for intermediate or special care for premature or ill newborns.Infants may need special therapy or need more time before leaving hospital.

Level 3:The Neonatal intensive-care unit , treats newborns who cannot be treated in the other levels and are in need of high technology to survive, such as breathing and feeding tubes. This career involves being in the hospital but in many different rooms.
You get to work with many patients and many different new borns. Those caring for premature and critically ill babies spend their shifts
diapering and feeding the infants
checking vital signs
giving medications and tests
teaching families how to care for their children properly.

It also depends on what level and position your on. The average annual salary for all registered nurses in the United States is $64,690 or about $31.10 per hour Degree Neonatal Nurse by Kaylee Norris
AVID 4th Neonatal nurses work with 6 different machines .
The warmer-One of the most important aspects of the time spent in NICU.

Infusion pump-Gives babies the right medications and fluids to its body.

Monitors-Desplays the baby's heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels in blood. Incubator-Premature babies are usually placed in it.Its goal is to mimic the mother's womb.
Phototherapy-Gives baby the right color of his/her skin. Ventilator-Gives proper oxygen flow to newborn.

Nurses earned average maximum salaries of $108,283, while hospitals were the lowest paying employers with salaries of $93,526 in July of 2009. A neonatal nurse has a flexible shift to maintain 40 hours a week. Work shifts can include five days working eight hours per day, or four days working 10 hours per day. Abilities
A neonatal nurse must be able to think quickly in emergency situations and keep emotions under control to provide quick and effective treatment and care.
Must have excellent reporting and record keeping skills.

Must be compassionate and have a desire to help others.

Must be able to communicate with the family members of the patient to provide emotional support

Show outstanding leadership skills

Have a bachelor's degree in nursing, be a registered nurse, complete required certification exams and be able to care for newborn

A neonatal nurse must be able to perform treatments

References National Association of Neonatal Nurses www.nann.org

Minority Nurse
Overtime may be required if a patient's health is in jeopardy. It sometimes can cause stress when a child's life is in your hands. A neonatal nurse must be a registered nurse (RN) with a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN). You may also be required to complete a minimum number of years of clinical experience in a hospital setting. A neonatal nurse practitioner , you will also need a Master of Science in Nursing degree and has to be registered.
Complete required certification exams. There is on-the-job- training.
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