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Trina's Story

No description

victoria hickey

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Trina's Story

Trina's Story Trina Hatch finished High school in 2005. Her dream was to become a professional wedding photographer, so she had saved up enough money to buy her own Nikon Digital camera. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, CA, to go to college and start up her career as a wedding photographer. While in school, she met Jeff Killens, a man who soon became her boyfriend of six months. Married now, and expecting a baby girl, Trina's business was booming. She was finishing up college now, where she'd majored in photography and digital imaging. Lately, she'd been so busy with her uprising business, that she hadn't had much time at home. Suddenly, she heard a loud thud upstairs. Just then, Jeff came tumbling down the stairs, drunk and furious. " Why're...!"Jeff slurred.
"I..I...I have to work...."
"Well, how else am i supposed to make money?"
"You Know what?! You aren't going to. Not anymore!! You will stay with that kid from now on!" he yelled, gesturing at her mid-section.
Then he stormed over to her work area stumbling slightly. He then completely demolished all of her equipment! With tears running down her face, she screamed "Stop it! STOP IT! Do you even know how much that cost?! STOP!"
She yanked, pulled, shoved, did everything she could. then, his eyes crazy with rage, he spun on her!
"How much this costs?! You bought all this junk with MY MONEY! MY MONEY!!" He slapped her across the face.
"You wouldn't have ANY of this without me!" Again his fist flew, this time making her stomach turn, and then he stormed off, leaving her sobbing; huddled in the corner. 'She knew she had to file for divorce. There wasn't any way around it. She couldn't keep living like this, and what about her baby? Faith? Could she let her grow up without a father? Well, at least she'd keep Faith from having to grow up with an abusive parent. That settled it. She'd go file for divorce tomorrow morning.' Group Two: One Year Later... * * * * * * Two Years Later... By now, Trina's divorced, and living in her almost brand new apartment with Faith; her parents just a phone call away. Her business is flourishing since she finally broke down and bought that new computer,and now she makes around $203,000 a year. Her life is much better without Jeff, but little did she know..... he was planning on making a reappearance sometime in the near future.... THE END!!!!!! By: Irelynn Kicker, Trace Gallington, Cayden Piety, Madison white, Victoria Hickey, and Tameshia Wade.
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