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No description

Linda Ngo

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of BOOK REPORT

Vegan Virgin Valentine By: Carolyn Mackler Presented By: Linda Ngo VEGAN VIRGIN VALENTINE

My book is about a 17 year old teenage girl, name Mara whose a vegetarian and is still a virgin. While her niece name Vivienne but likes to be called ``V`` is a complete opposite of Mara. She is temporaily living in Brockport with Mara`s family. V first day at her new highschool, students are already judging her based on her appearence and also on the things she has done or have worn in the past 3 days. PERSONAL CONNECTION
I can relate...

In the book, V tries to impress the stoners by smoking weed and dressing inappropriate on the first day of school. On my first day of school I like to give a good impression of myself, by wearing less revealing clothes and paying full attention in class.
Mara is in highschool and she very much wants to get a high mark in everyclass. I can relate because I also go to highschool and I am determined to get good marks for every subject.
Vivenne is Mara`s niece. Which means Mara has an older sister. She lives on her own in NYC. I can relate because I have an older sister who does not live with me anymore but her daughter is temporaily living with me and my family in Toronto.
In a chapter Mara`s friend, Claudia has a secret crush on James. Unfortunately James has a crush on Mara. It's like a love circle. I can relate because I`ve had a secret crush on a guy who was crushing on somebody else, I felt sad and I felt i wasn't pretty enough for him.
Mara and Vivenne did not get along with eachother until they found out they had things in common. I can relate because me and my niece, Valerie didn`t talk as much until she grew up and experience new things, and from there I was happy me and my niece had somethings in common. Theme:

Teen Body Image Big and.... ... small Video Related: Book Related: Beautiful Me On page 50 in "Beautiful Me" it is about a female teen trying to catch people's attention. She had presented herself as a "naughty" girl thinking she would have a good reputation. In the text, when she and a group of friends had played truth or dare. She would have done ALL the dares that even involve boys. While the other girls choose not to. It relates with "Vegan Virgin Valentine" because Mara's niece V thought getting people's attention was to look like a "bad girl." She warned a top quoting "I'm just a girl that can't say, No" on the very first day of school. In the end V learns that getting people's attention isn't always about showing whats on the outside. V then joins drama class and finds acting shows the real Viveanne. She had acted in front of the whole school, and the school loved her. By: Tamra Orr An example in the text. V was known as a stoner. She had another side of her. She could act! Her grandpa and grandma (Mara`s parents) was insisting for V to take drama class since they knew V was very enthusiastic. V was a type of girl who liked the attention and thought being around with other stoners would get her to be `popular`. In the end she tries out for drama class and is now known as the best actress in school. Article Related: An article by Barbara Poncelet. She says most teenager gets his or her body image from media, parents, other adults, peers and health professionals. These are a few main influences on young teens. People tend to catch up on fashion through magazines or on what they see on tv. That leads to teens to wear what they wear today and what they wear on their faces.We all have different taste when it comes to style. Therefore we judge people based on their appearence when meeting someone for the first time. For an example, when a new girl comes to your class dressed all fancy, some may assume she's the prettiest girl because she has nice clothes and her make-up is properly put while others may think she's a drag queen because her make-up isn't the type what you would wear . Until! you actually meet them. It relates with Vegan Virgin Valentine beacause V was a new student and her style was more of a goth mixed with punk looking. Students would judge her as dirty or weird based on what she warned and how she warned it. Later on in the story V took drama class and met a few other students. It happens that students say "V is such a down to earth girl and is fun to hangout with." Quote:
"you have potentials, V." REFERENCES www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpFBKeuKf7M
http://teenhealth.about.com/od/emotionalhealth/a/teenbodyimage.htm Summary: Overall, I'd say Vegan Virgin Valentine was an interesting book I've read so far. I recommend this book for anyone going through the phase of trying to impress someone or having to deal with a relative your not close with bunk in your home. END OF BOOK TALK.
HOPE YOU ENJOY! =) Ballon and candles, all sweets and fun. Good times make good memories. Whatever happened to sweets? Whatever happened to fun? Although candles still last. Others have change. We go our different path, believing everything we see. From books to t.v. Who do we believe? Myself or us? Only a wise one would say "whatever happened to me?" Though candles still stand. I stand for me. POEM Whatever Happened?
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