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Cube Fall

Computer Science Final Project

Christian Vanderwall

on 31 May 2009

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Transcript of Cube Fall

Cube Fall Design Game Play You control the cube at the bottom
The Goal: Capture all cubes of smaller or equal size
Dodge cubes of larger size
Gain as many points as possible with 3 lives
Winning: You beat a level once you become equal in size to the biggest cube in the level

Class Hierarchy: Cube: Variables:
Int: Size
Int X
Int Y
Accessor and Mutator methods for each variable
Player: Methods:
Interact(cube enemy) Enemy: Constructor that randomizes variables
Cube Fall: Implimentation Main
Java Applet
Methods to create and control cubes

Difficulties: Learning Java applets
Testing Collisions
Designing a "fun" game Goals: Create a fun game
Learn to use the java applet Coding: Lots of collaborative work
Christian speciallized more on the design aspect
Adam focused more on the math
Future Work/References Future Work: Reduce the lag during gameplay
Add more aspects to gameplay
3D animation References: http://javaboutique.internet.com/tutorials/Java_Game_Programming/ Demo
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