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Unit 2: 05_TinkerCAD_Workplane Tool

No description

Mithun Nankishroe

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Unit 2: 05_TinkerCAD_Workplane Tool

Unit 1: Modeling with Primitives 5
Learning Objective
: YWBAT use the work plane tool to glue faces of different objects together.

Essential Question
: How does the workplane tool help us feel more "assured" of our designs?
Today's Activity - continue working in TinkerCAD
Part 1 - Adopt the TinkerCAD lesson on " die on the work plane" to create a die.

Part 2 - save your design as an STL file and then submit it using our ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM.

Part 3 - free design. Explore & tinker around. Save what you create and submit it via the online submission form.
Do Now: The following shows a part of yesterday's 'Die on a Workplane' tutorial. What should we do next? How do you know?
Timed Presentations
4th Period
1. Zia Shadi
2. Alex Drigpaul
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