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No description

kevin mendoza

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of D-DAY

fist day of d-day
where they landed
on june 6 1944 the alliance send
navy,soldier & airplane
130,000 solds landed on beaches of normady
operation cobra
Operation Cobra was the name given to the American attempt to break out of the Normandy
this was a stragety to make the nazi go protect the other place and leave a weak army all alone
by kevin mendoza
on june 6th 1944

usa,great britian,canada send there troops to the north of french
there were thousand of soldiers send and tanks and airplanes
in one week,1 million men have arrived on west europe
america send 73 thousand soldiers
61,715 british
21,400 canadian were sent
watch the video at minute 22.18
troop were sent to specific beaches in eaurope
one beach was june
beach omaha
12 hour fight

omaha beach was one f the deadthly fight ever many soldiers were killed
another beach is utah
the alliance invented a claw that the tanks had to destros or knock down the trees or big bushes
there some tanks that were created to go on the water
when the soliders got to the beach some where killed but the one that survive had to go trow miles of barbed wire
ww2 books
history channel
the alliance inflated a fake army base to trick the germans and ambush them
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