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9-Student Quotes

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Transcript of 9-Student Quotes

Student Quotes
"It's great to be able to represent Cal State East Bay and help out in the community. The work we do helps so many, and it's all worth it to see the smile on their faces."
- Brian Allec
Student Reflection
Freshmen Day of Service 2013

I got into some really interesting conversations about the environment and basically
everything I learned this year in my thinking globally cluster. It was helpful learning about
the planet because I was able to keep up with the leaders as we talked about issues the environment
faces...While I worked in the garden and talked with ladies, I realized how
much I had learned from my cluster.

Student Quotes
I learned a lot, not only how much hard work is put and needed, but also about my own skills and that I can definitely work in a group and effectively finish a collaborative activity. It felt good to know my hard work would actually benefit not only the homeless and my community but also the environment which I have been learning so much about in almost every course.
Student Quotes
The project at
the Monument
Crisis center was such an eye opening experience, and gave me a chance to help
someone other than friends, family, or myself.
Helping and conversing with those people made
me really feel for the first time that I had some purpose in my life. It was a great feeling
putting smiles on everyone's face, and I look forward to contributing more to future projects!”
- Michael Jenkerson

Student Quotes
We re-used all the material by putting them along
the trails. This helped the trails and the growth of the ponds. So this is a way of recycling I
believe. It really had shocked me how things can be so simple, yet even places that look like they
are flourishing,
are actually really struggling. ...I felt good about myself and the direction of where the
organization was headed. Many people that I went to the service with also felt a similar way. The
experience we had at the service was actually something that made me

Student Quote
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