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Lessons of Love

Short story presentation

Hong Tran

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Lessons of Love

By: Tina Asani, Ember Cook, Tatiana Cordova, Adna Ismail & Hong-Hue Tran Lessons of Love Exposition Shows a young girl's love for a boy. Rising Action Her obsession for the boy is shown every time she visits the supermarket where the boy worked. She constantly stalked him there.

Plot Graph Gives the protagonist a small introduction as a Puerto Rican, high school girl, making her seem like a normal, everyday girl. She gives a lot of praise for her love. Praise turned into an obsessive desire. She wanted to visit the supermarket regularly, so she made her mom give her the “endless errands,” and made her brother and herself drink more milk so that she can go buy more. He spoke to her once, and she was flustered over it. She cried over her mother cutting down on smoking, because she can’t go out and visit the supermarket to buy cigarettes anymore. At the end of the year, she learned a lesson of human nature “–adulation leaves a scent, one that we are all equipped to recognize, and no matter how insignificant the source, we seek it” (paragraph 7) In June, her school’s “cultural extravaganza” was decided to happen at her school (It was a “Roman Banquet”). It was decided for everyone to wear a homemade toga. The senator and the lady were chosen. Her insecurity was shown as she admired them for being the leads of the banquet. It was chosen that she be a “Roman citizen.” Father escorted her in her toga costume. She was admiring everyone else’s costume, comparing it to her own. Everyone sat down at their tables for the banquet. She can’t help but notice that her love sat right across the room, and she watched his bored expression throughout the banquet. While she stood, chanting farewells, he took a glance into her eyes, and she got really flustered. She got so flustered that she escaped into the bathroom of the school, leaving her dad. Climax The lights were off in the hallway, and she felt a sudden kiss! The kiss was from her dream guy! She was really flustered. After realizing that it was he, she decided to enjoy it a second time. After so, he escaped into the dark. Falling Action As she left the bathroom, to not worry her dad, came up with an excuse for her being late. The next day, her father announced that at the end of the school year, they were to go to Puerto Rico for half a year. She cried while trying to convince her parents for her to stay, and lying about the reason why. She tried finding him, in hopes of him doing the same, but it was all in vain. Resolution She later finds out the kiss was nothing but a trophy for his ego, letting her learn the “Lessons of Love.” Setting Place The location of the story is taking place in the United States of America because for example “-the staple items that she would order from the “American” store” (Paragraph 2). indicates that they are living in the U.S. and are also immigrants because throughout the story we get to learn the main character is from Puerto Rica “…end of the school year my mother, my brother and I would be sent to Puerto Rica to stay for half a year at Mamá’s (my mother’s mother) house” (Paragraph 17). It is also taking place in the school, grocery store and the main characters living quarters. Time The story is mostly taken place during the school day as well as later on (grocery store), at night and sometimes at social events like at the play. “I first saw him in the hall, leaning casually…” (Paragraph 1). “…I wandered up and down the aisles…breathlessly hoping to see my prince” (Paragraph 3). “All during the program I had been in a state of controlled hysteria. My secret love at across the room…” (Paragraph 13). The year this story is taking place in the late to mid-20th century because it’s at a time when immigration was high and in some cases religion was taught in public school. Atmosphere The atmosphere of the story is desire, lust and darkness/sadness but then realization. At the beginning the girl you could say, uncontrollably obsesses over the boy she’s “in love with” by stalking him in her own personal time by “wanting” to go to the grocery store for her mother. This desire for him goes on regularly at school. Once we reach the climax (when he kisses her) she falls into sadness because he doesn’t confront her again but then realizes that he kissing her was only a sign of his ego. The fact that this story is taking place in high school also plays a great part in the atmosphere. Most stories of infatuation driven love happens in high school because of the clicks, dos, and don’t of school life. We, being of the same age, can relate to her love story. By: Tina Asani Conflict By: Adna Ismail Man vs. Herself In the story “Lessons of Love,” the main conflict is Man vs. Herself and is an internal conflict. The story is about a girl who fights with herself because of her own insecurities. Man vs. herself is a conflict within the girl because she always thinks that she isn’t good enough because of the way she looks. In the story she’s portrayed as a nerdy skinny girl who lives in a small apartment who is also insecure. The girl thinks of herself in the worst possible ways and is always putting herself down, making her a bully towards herself. She hopelessly falls in love with a guy who doesn’t know she exists. This conflict is an internal conflict because it is within oneself. The girl getting over the guy after realizing that love is a very complicated thing solves it. Character By: Tatiana Cordova Protagonist The protagonist in this story is a girl in her freshman year in a catholic high school. Her outer appearance is said to be a skinny, Puerto Rican girl. She has a mom, dad, and younger brother. She was an innocent, honest and all-around normal girl. That is, before she met the love of her life. Her reaction to him at first site was like any other love story. It all started off with a first glance with an unbearably strong heartbeat of longing for him, and then grew as she progressed on stalking him. Her heartbeat was strong every time she encounters him in the grocery store, or at school. Her “love at first site” was driven by infatuation. She speaks as though love is the only important thing in life. She cares not for people that get in the way of her “love life.” She’s a very self-conscious girl living with the dos and don’ts of society, possessing her strong, infatuated love. Her dreams are filled with him and her being together, and to be prettier. She thinks of nothing else but her love and her faults. She believes herself to be inferior to most or her peers and as she lists her faults, we never hear her giving praise to herself. This makes her seem like a girl that doesn’t know how to think for herself in that; she only follows what’s socially acceptable. Point of View By: Hong-Hue Tran Point of View The point of view in the story, “Lessons of Love,” was told from the protagonist’s view in the first person. Having the protagonist speak as the narrator of this story provides us (the reader) with an in-depth look to all her struggles from yearning for the guy of her dreams. We saw her morality; things she would do to accomplish her dream, her views regarding society, but never others view on her, which all play a big part in why it’s important that this story was told from her view. In this story, all we ever saw was her view in regard to the story, never others. This gave us, only a look at her insecurities and love. If we ever got a view from the boy’s, or third person’s view, we would’ve saw that she was just a normal, everyday girl that fell in infatuated love for a boy. A simple love story with the climax being foreseen, but we only ever truly get to see her looks on what’s socially acceptable. Giving her a complex moral lets us experience an interesting character and gives us an opportunity to express our own opinion in senses of our own morals. Her moral was corrupt in my opinion, because she believed in her infatuation driven love above all else. She would be driven by the fact of love, making her do outrageous things letting us see her course of action in regard to the situation. Continued... This character is a bit more complex than an average girl in that; she moves around a lot due to her dad’s work, resulting in not many close relationships. She doesn’t know the experience of having a normal connection between true lovers, and just wants a love, no matter what kind it is. She wanted to experience love to the extent that it drove her to infatuation. She, in result, let infatuation be the spark to her first love. Us, being around the same age as her, can relate to her troubles of everyday social school life of clicks, insecurities and options. This is what gives the story meaning. Therefore, having the protagonist experience everything first hand gives this story a meaning to make its point of view first person. Theme By: Ember Cook Theme Love is a bond share between two people, not a one-sided, infatuation driven emotion. This story revolves around a girl learning about love’s real meaning. An innocent Puerto Rican girl finds herself falling madly in love with a boy whom she knew nothing about. Infatuation and his utter popularity drove her to thinking this feeling was "true love." She did not know anything about this boy, but the fact that he fits her “storybook prince” perfectly, and that he was far from her reach. “I had, of course, in the great tradition of tragic romance, chosen to love a boy who was totally out of my reach” (Paragraph 1). She fell in love with this boy’s popularity, beauty and maturity that she, herself lacked in. This created a one-sided infatuation for this boy that was the complete opposite of her, making her think it was “true love.” Love is a connection between two people and is shared equally, not an obsession driven by thoughts of longing. After all her obsession for this boy, he decides to bestow a kiss onto her to satisfy his high ego, proving he is higher than her in society by stealing her first kiss, then leaving her. Her thoughts of the kiss (being the innocent girl that she is) were that this was a dream-like kiss with the boy of her dreams. Much later, she learns the real facts of the kiss, and why it was given, giving her a great lesson in love. Literary Elements By: Hong-Hue Tran Literary Elements Literary elements always appear in short stories such as “Lessons of Love.” In this story, I (the reader) was shown many different types of element such as metaphor, simile, and irony. Simile “Then, like the phantom lover that he was, he walked away into the darkened corridor and disappeared.” (Paragraph 16) He was compared to a phantom, going swiftly into the dark. Having this gives an aspect of mystery for the boy, making him more interesting and desirable. Situational Irony “…because I had, of course, in the great tradition of tragic romance, chosen a love that was totally out of my reach.” (Paragraph 1) In all likeliness of love, she chose a boy that was ideally out of her reach, though still yearns for the idea of “true love.” This shows her idea of “dreams can come true.” Symbol “One day I did see him. Dressed in a white outfit, like a surgeon: white pants and shirt, white cap, and (gross sight, but not to my love-glazed eyes) blood-smeared butcher’s apron.” (Paragraph 4) The boy, being in a blood-smeared butcher’s apron, poses an idea of a gruesome, heartless person, killing animals. He, being able to pierce a knife into an innocent animal, won’t have any trouble in destroying a person’s one-sided love for him. THE END
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