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Animal Cell Water Park

An animal cell based water park.

Hiral Parikh

on 4 December 2011

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Transcript of Animal Cell Water Park

Animal Cell Water Park By: Addy & Hero Vacuole: The vacuole is found in both plant and animal cells and it stores nutrients and waste products for the cells, it is used for storage.

The Mitochondria is where most reactions of cellular respiration take place. The mitochondria creates energy.

Analogy: The mitochondria of the water park is the dining center and food courts. The food provides energy for the people, just as the mitochondria provides energy for the cells.

Analogy: The water park has an area where the air filled tires used for going down the water slides are stored. Yhis area is used for storage of important supplies just like the vacuole in a cell. Ribosomes have the job of making
proteins for the cell. Analogy: Ribosomes are like the chefs in the food courts making the food because ribosomes make proteins. Endoplasmic Reticulum divides and transfers the cytosol. It plays an important role in biosynthesis reactions. Analogy: The pipes that transfer the water too all the slides in the water park are the endoplasmic reticulum because they are transferring the water. The Golgi Body modifies, sorts and packages macromolecules so they can be transported to other organelles. Analogy: Engineers prepare the water slides by fixing and creating more stable slides so the visitors are able to enjoy the ride and be transported down the slide. Just like the Golgi body of the animal prepares the macromolecules before they are transported. The Centriole forms areas for organizing mitotic spindles to help the process of cell division. Analogy: The water park security is the centriole because the security officers organize the visitors when they are out of place so the park will be successful. Cell division is successful due to the job of the centriole. Analogy: The rows that direct people in the line waiting to go on the ride are like the nucleolus of an animal cell because it makes the lines for the passengers. The nucleolus makes ribosomes by directing proteins just as the rows make waiting lines for the riders by directing them. The Nucleolus directs the assembly of proteins within the cells nucleus
and makes ribosomes. Cytoplasm helps hold the organelles
together and not go all over the place. Analogy: The cytoplasm is like a life guard because the life guard makes sure that
everyone is following the rules and saving kids that are drowning and that everything
is in place The job of a lysosome is to hold the enymes that break down the cell's old macromolecules for recycling. Analogy: Lysosomes are like the laundry room in a water park becasue the laundry room is where they wash the towels to be reused again. The Plasma Membrane decides what comes in and what goes out of the cell. Anology: the front gate of the water park is like the plasma membrane because only the people that have tickets are let in. The cell uses the nucleus as the control center that is in charge of everything that goes on. Analogy: The waterpark manager is like the nucleus because the manager is in charge of everything and is the one that makes all the important decisions. The cytoskeleton (microfilament and
microtubles are used to keep the shape
of the cell motility. Analogy: The cytoskeleton is are like the pipes
holding up the water slides. THE END!
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