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shelby lynn hartman

No description

Hull Elementary

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of shelby lynn hartman

so science is not the best but i love when do science fair every year i like when you make the board and your idea that is really all i have at this school but at my old school made a roller coaster not a real one we had to have two tunnels one loop and two hills i was second 53 inches it was so all cool and awesome.
I am going to show and tell all about my school life i know what your saying school no way that is not my thing but my is awesome .
MATH is my FAVORITE SUBJECT you are probably like your one of thoughts people I am not let me tell that i only like some of math if I could I am not kidding but let's go back to the subject.so i learned alot over the time but i will tell you some things so i did the p,e,m,d,a,s and the long division okay so i just moved from Florida to Arizona and they teach so much differently i mean that is not a bad thing it is just weird like but now i have to learn how they teach.
Reading is not my best subject but we are reading the book the mountain meets the moon it is really good some of are not but as a book it is cool . it is really fun too
i just got in orchestra and i am not the worst so it is pretty cool i love it so much i would do it all year if i could i am violin it is awesome .
school life
welcome to my prezi
i like it is so fun it better that my old school and i just came here so there is alot i need to about p.e we have down hokey basket ball and others .
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