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The Knife of Never Letting Go

No description

Elizabeth Hatter

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Knife of Never Letting Go

The Knife of Never Letting Go Author: Patrick Ness By: Elizabeth Hatter Viola is the one character you never expect to see. At the beginning of the book you learn everything that Todd (the main character) knows and believes. When you first meet Viola she is quiet and nervous, but this drastically changes once she is more familiar with Todd. Viola is not afraid to speak her mind, but she knows when to be quite and listen. She is a young caring girl who just wants to help and do the right thing. Viola is very intelligent and logical, however she doesn't know how or why she can hear every living things thoughts. Viola is also very brave and loyal. She shows her loyalty as she stays loyal to Todd even though they just met. Viola Viola is definitely a hero. She is a hero because she tries to do what is right and she shows that as she saves Todd's life on occasion. Viola Hero or Villain? The setting of this book plays a huge role in Todd and Viola's adventures. The setting changes periodically throughout the book because they are running from the army, but the most reoccurring setting is in the forest. The forest works as a kind of shelter for Todd and Viola. If the Forest was a character it would be classified as a hero, because it shields them and protects them as best it can. while they are in the forest they follow the river knowing that it would lead them to the next settlement and provide plenty of water for them. Setting Plot The plot of The Knife of Never Letting Go is that Todd is running for his life with only the clothes he has on, the backpack on his back, the dog he never wanted, and this strange girl he's never met before. Todd, Viola, and Manchee are running from the army of Prentisstown with no knowledge of what they did to deserve this. All Todd knows is that his life is at stake and that they need to get to Haven before the army. If you like the Hunger Games then you will like this book.
Both books have many conflicts that all wrap up into one big problem, one main "villain", and it's a very detailed and descriptive adventure book. Patrick Ness knows how to pull your emotional stings and knows just what to do to make you frustrated and leave you wanting more.
My favorite line in this book is "Me and Viola are all we got, everything we have in the world." This is my favorite line because it shows that even when things seem hopeless there's always one person who you know will stay with you until the end, no matter what. Pg. 466:
"She leans forward, her hair wet and tangled down. She spits.
But She don't look up.
'I couldn't let you,' she says. 'He would have won.'
'I woulda done it,' I say.
'I know,' she says into her hair, into the falls. 'That's why I did it.' Pg. 467:
" I know what she's thinking and I can see her and she's teetering on the edge and she's looking at me and she's asking me to save her.
Save her like she saved me Pg.88:
" The tree is burned, freshly burned and freshly knocked over, too, the unburned splinters clean and white like new wood. And there are a buncha tree's just like it, a whole line of 'em, in fact, on either side of a great ditch gouged outta the swamp, now filled with water but piled-up dirt and burnt plants all around it show that's it gotta be a new thing, like someone came through here and dug it up in one fiery swoop.
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