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Sharanjit Mundi

Sharan Mundi

on 21 July 2010

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Transcript of Castles

Castles Iron Age Hill Forts Early Wooden Castles Motte and Bailey Castles Keep Motte Bailey Moat Drawbridge Palisades Modern Castles Siege Warfare Ludwig II Taking Siege of a Castle Herrenchiemsee Castle Neuschwanstein Castle Linderhof Castle Casa Loma Stone Castles Concentric Castles Edward I vs. Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Caernarfon Castle Conwy Castle Harlech Castle Sharanjit Mundi The end :) St. Clears Castle, Wales Wiston Castle, Wales Roman Fortresses (Castra) Forts of the Saxon Shore Barbican Buttress Solar Garderobe Murderhole Portcullis Postern Caerphilly Castle The Normans The Battle of Hastings
1066 Totnes Castle, England King William I
of England The Tower of London Typical Stone Castle:
Windsor Castle Weapons Keep Bailey Gatehouse Portcullis Trebuchet Catapult Siege Tower Battering Ram Tactics Attrition:
"The Waiting Game" Setting a Fire "Biological
Warfare" Undermining
the Castle Fortified Towns
(Bastides) Carcassonne Siege of Troy Castleshaw Roman Fort Why did castles become obsolete? Fortified Towns
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