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No description

Nick Fu

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Depressant

Step 1
Depressant Drugs.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Depressant addiction is when a person compulsively seeks out and uses a medication despite being aware of its harmful effects. Over time, tolerance can develop, which is when the body becomes accustomed to the medication’s effects, and they decrease. Tolerance can lead to increased use and physical dependence.
Step 5
Common short-term effects of depressants:

Slowed pulse and breathing
Slurred speech
Low blood pressure
Poor concentration
Fatigue and confusion
Impaired coordination, memory, and judgment
Sometimes called “downers,” these drugs come in multicolored tablets and capsules or in liquid form. Some examples of downers like,Zyprexa, Seroquel and Haldol, are known as “major tranquilizers” or “antipsychotics,”
By smoking.For instance: marijuana
By drinking. Like drinking alcohol
Chloral Hydrate
These are legal depressant drugs.
Common long-term effects of depressants:

Addiction and dependence (professional rehab may be needed to treat)
Impaired sexual function
Chronic sleep problems
Respiratory depression, respiratory arrest, and
For someone who is addicted to depressant. There are a couple non-physical effects.
'Kill myself'
Rosie, 23, from mid-Cornwall suffered abuse as a child and was put on anti-depressants at 13 years old.

She said: "I'd been on them for less than a year and I started having flashbacks to the abuse that had happened. I couldn't understand why the tablets weren't getting rid of them. Subsequently I ended up taking an overdose.

"It wasn't because I wanted to kill myself, it was because I didn't understand why I was given these tablets and they weren't doing what in my mind I thought they were supposed to be doing."

East Cornwall GP Dr Shelagh McCornick argues the use of anti-depressants can prove very successful.

"Anti-depressants work extremely well. You can see a response from people in a matter of weeks. We are there to try and help people feel better.

"Rather than make them wait, it's sometimes appropriate to see if they will respond quickly. Obviously if they don't, you have always got the option of stopping the medication."

The Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth, Sarah Newton, said a review by the Health Minister Anne Milton is "highly likely".

She said: "We don't really do enough to understand and help support people with mental health problems.

"I think we will get a good response from Anne Milton and we'll work very closely with her."
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