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on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Bulling

No to Bullying
Aggressive behavior among different aged people that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. This behavior is repeated, or is likely to be repeated.
What is bullying?
It hurts
Aggressive attitude and dominate behaviors toward others
• Sullen, secretive and difficult to approach
• Received a number of reports from other children about fighting or bullying
• Regularly has jewelry, clothes or money which cannot be accounted for
• Seen a particular child deliberately hurt another child
• Have evidence that a child has vandalized or damaged someone’s property
• Likes to use others to get what he/she wants
• Constantly tells lies about his/her behavior

How does it look like?
They may feel it is their fault for being bullied: For instance, they might think they are weak and do not have good friendships.

They may think of themselves as failures and not worthy of being helped by others.

Afraid that they might get hurt even more seriously after asking for help from others.

Afraid that their parents and teachers might blame them for not standing up for themselves.

How does the victim feel?
Types of bullying
There are four types of bullying:
– a person is harmed or their property is damaged.
– a person’s feelings are hurt through insults and name-calling.
– a person is shunned or excluded from groups and events.
– using the Internet, mobile devices or other digital technology to harm others.
Types of bullying
By: Karen & Hanul
How to avoid it?
How to STOP bullying
STOP bulling
Bullying is a pattern of aggressive behavior intended to make others uncomfortable, scared or hurt. Bullies behave this way to get control – they feel a sense of power from taking advantage of and disparaging those they target.
If you see that are mistreated with any type of insult to the person do not stand there watching . Only go to a supervisor so it can stop it or help the person that is bullied.

NEVER let the bullied bully you more. ALWAYS go to speak to an adult to talk about what is happening to you.

Do not let the bully let you be scared, stand up by yourself and fight so the bully do not bother you anymore.

Ignore bullies do not feel alone because you have many people you can count on.

When the the head of the bully group goes and all of the people that help him bully are near you try to have a conversation with them.

If they want to make you uncomfortable ignore them

Do not let them see that you are scare because they now that you are scare and they take that advantage.

Do not go pass next to them try to avoid them

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