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Renewable and Flow Resources

Grade 7 Chapter 7 Test Review

Joanne Christie

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Renewable and Flow Resources

Renewable and
Flow Resources Grade 7 Chapter 7
Test Review
Natural Resources Renewable Resources Non-renewable
Resources The Water Cycle Important Terms Flow Resources What You Need
To Know A resource that can be replaced fairly quickly, such as forests and animals A resource that cannot be replenished once it is used up, such as fossil fuels A resource that can be used and replenished at the same time, such as a river current or solar energy; it must be used when and where it occurs in nature There will be no terms from this chapter to match definitions Be able to list, define, and give examples of the three natural resources
Draw and label a simple diagram to show the water cycle in nature
A material found in nature that has usefulness and economic value, such as trees, water, minerals Condensation precipitation
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