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How to do a Prezi.

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Luisa Fernanda Ramírez Peña

on 11 August 2012

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Transcript of How to do a Prezi.

How to make a Prezi Colors and fronts Write Zebra Double click anywhere and put your ideas Frame Insert Path Show Load File Youtube Shapes Arrows
Marker Documents
Files Copy link from the video There are differences frames to frame yours ideas. Add the secuence for the presentation Step one, introduce the order.
Step two, capture the order.
Step three, additional tool delete all the path. Menu
Tools We can change the background colors with different topics. Also, with the theme wizard, we can change the words, frame and shapes colors. When you will finish your Prezi you can show it. Pick in full screen and look the sequence. Advance or return with the arrows in the right down corner. For exit use the space key. Rotate Handle
to rotate. Resize Handle
To get bigger or smaller. Others options. Move Handle
Move around. prezi.com LESSON ONE
Step by Step Tutorial on Prezi Basic. IF YOU WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING ELSE... LESSON TWO
Why the best Prezi use Grouping and Layering. Lesson three
Quick tips on presenting and publishing in Prezi. BASIC ADVANCE Prezi in 15 minutes http://prezi.com/learn/prezi-workflow/ 10 ways to say it with prezi http://prezi.com/learn/10-ways-say-it-prezi/ EXPERT http://prezi.com/learn/looping-and-zooming/
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