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The dichotomy of mental health - Micro talk on a macro subject - Braking barriers - Nordic mental health nurses - Reykjavik 2013

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Héðinn Unnsteinsson

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of The dichotomy of mental health - Micro talk on a macro subject - Braking barriers - Nordic mental health nurses - Reykjavik 2013

A polychotomous aprroach to mental health
History and epistemology
The system and its "user"
The path of good intentions
Detail 2
“ As we in the 21st century shake our heads over the methods that were used to “treat" and "cure” mental disorders 50-100 years ago; as will our children look back and shake their heads over some of the methods and approaches we are using now”

Key issues of users (people)
Policy making

More key issues
Human Rights
Choice in treatment
The right to refuse treatment
The right to an ombudsperson
Treatment & Services
"Only six disorders were listed in the initial census of mental patients in the mid-nineteenth century; now they are close to two hundred"

Madness -> Mental illness -> Mental health problem -> Mental health as a human right

Dichotomy & Dualism
Hygeia (social, causal)
Asclepius (medical, consequential)

Madness becomes a mental health problem
* The Quakers – Moral treatment
* Francis Galton -Kantian approach
* Ugo Cerletti/Egas Moniz
* Smith, Klein and French


The subjective field of mental health yields to often soft and ambiguous laws and polices. Implemented better in words than actions and in the end controlled by soveregin nation states..........
The international policy process in mental health

- Understanding

- An honest attempt to bring increased humanism into the practice of psychiatry and mental health care.........

.....and remember that with increased regonised 'dis-ease' within our societies non of us has complete mental health..

Héðinn Unnsteinsson

a micro talk on a MACRO subject
The etymology of IGO´s discourse
……is aware

Coercion - The Harm principle
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