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The Breakfast Club

No description

Safa Khan

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club ~ Safa Khan
John Bender ~ The Criminal
Act of Deviance:
Pulled the fire alarm.
Theory of Deviance:
Labeling Theory
Everyone assumes that he will end up in jail, even the school principal. Getting frustrated and feeling hopeless, he continues getting in trouble at school because that way, at least his existence will be acknowledged. A clear example of John Bender living up to his label is when the principal keeps giving him Saturday detentions, yet a frustrated Bender keeps fighting back, proving to be a nightmare and breaking rules since that is what is expected of him.
Claire Standish ~ The Princess
Act of Deviance:
Went shopping instead of going to class.
Theory of Deviance:
Control Theory
Due to a lack of attachment to her parents, not being committed to conforming to her friend group by loosing her virginity, not being involved in many extra curriculars, and straying away from the social belief that school comes before everything else, Claire falls under the Control Theory. Her parents just use her to get back at each other and peer pressure from her friends shows
Brian Johnson ~ The Brain
Act of Deviance:
Had a gun in his locker.
Theory of Deviance:
Labeling Theory
Brian is labeled as smart and a nerd, and therefore feels the need to maintain that status. He is labeled this in school, therefore, has a gun in his locker, not in his bedroom. He has a gun since he failed a test and felt like a failure since he didn't live up to his 'label.' Since he felt like he had failed in life, he decides its better to just kill himself.
Andrew Clarke ~ The Athlete
Act of Deviance:
Taped his teammate's 'cheeks' together to impress his father.
Theory of Deviance:
Strain Theory
Andrew just wants his father's approval, and he doesn't care how he gets it. Therefore, even if it means hurting someone else to feel 'good enough' in his fathers eyes, he is willing to do it. This falls in the Innovation category of Robert K. Merton's Deviance Typology because Andrew accepts the social norm of wanting to impress his parents but tries to do so in a deviant way.
Allison Reynolds ~ The Basketcase
Act of Deviance:
Theory of Deviance:
Control Theory
Allison's family clearly doesn't acknowledge her presence as she feels the need to go to Saturday School just for some entertainment. Clearly, since she has nothing better to do on a Saturday, she doesn't have many commitments or involvement in anything. Also, she doesn't believe in the social norms or rules much as she just randomly makes noises and eats a weird lunch in front of everyone.
2015 John Bender:
2015 Claire Standish
2015 Andrew Clarke
2015 Allison Reynolds
2015 Brian Johnson
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Anne Hathaway
Actor: Channing Tatum
Actress: Gal Gadot
Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
What did he do:
Graffiti all over the school

Why did he do this:
Johnny Depp's character is an artist but not a 'paint a nice picture type of an artist.' His art is different and speaks of the pain he deals with since he lost his younger brother. However,since he breaks a lot of rules, not many people take him seriously and ignore his presence. Since he feels like everyone expects him to fail, he draws graffiti all over the school to let everyone see his skills, even though they are not traditional artist skills.
What did she do:
She was caught trying to smoke a cigarette outside her classroom with her friend who has been pressuring her to smoke for a couple of months. She finally ended up smoking a cigarette after her boyfriend broke up with her, saying she was too "prude."
Why did she do this:
She was sick of having everyone think that she is an innocent little girl and that she doesn't know how to have fun. And when her boyfriend breaks up, she starts feeling extremely insecure and therefore, decides to give into the peer pressure, to feel socially accepted.
What did he do?
He pantsed his opponent during a basketball game. After his opponent scored a point on him, out of frustration, Andrew decided to pants the guy so that in the end, he 'wins.'
Why did he do this?
Andrew has constantly been getting pressured by his dad to make it to State and score the most points because that is the only way he can make it to college. Frustrated and scared about his dad, his future, and his reputation, Andrew decides to pants his opponent.
What did she do?
After her teacher calls her out of class and asks her why she has been doing so bad in her class, Allison does not give her a reason. So, her teacher continues to say that if Allison keeps up with her behavior, she will be a nobody in her life. This seems like a breaking point for Allison and after loosing her cool, Allison swears at her teacher and says things like why her English teacher is a terrible teacher, and walks away.
Why did she do this?
Allison has constantly been told that she is worth nothing by her abusive parents. They go on to tell her that she is just a burden on them and unwanted. Allison doesn't have many friends at her school since she is new in town, and since its her junior year, everyone already has their group of friends. After feeling like no one significant, she is told by her English teacher that she might be a nobody in life, which is the breaking point for her and ends up taking out all her anger on her English teacher.
What did he do?
He tried running away from school.
Why did he do this?
He got rejected from Yale, the university his grandparents and parents have gone to. He hid the rejection letter from his parents and knows that his family might just disown him and not pay for his college education when they find out. Also, he is embarrassed since his grandparents were waiting for his acceptance letter too. So, to save his face, he decides to run away and figure out life on his own. How ever, he is caught.
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