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Peters Pasta

No description

Courtney Evin

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Peters Pasta

Preparation for the Job
In order to obtain the job at Peter Pasta I had to make/update my resume, hand it in and wait for a call. I also had to prepare myself in case I didn't get the job which meant applying at other places. Entering the working world has prepared, and continues to, me for my career path.
Having this job requires me to learn how to rely on other people. Working at Peters Pasta isn't a easy, independent job. Everyone has to help each other out when it's busy and support one another. All of the employes that work there, including myself, have to get along with each other no matter what the circumstance is.
Job Description
weigh out pasta by the gram for every customers meal
make different kinds of salads
work fast and efficiently
bust tables
clean the kitchen
prepare vegetables
help others out when needed
Peters Pasta
Time Spent
August 2013 - Currently
Tuesday to Friday every week.
3:30pm to 10:00pm every night.
26 hours a week.
Skills Developed
Working in a restaurant has taught me how to work at a fast pace but also efficiently. Restaurants get busy which allowed me to understand and learn what it's like to work under pressure, also how to work cooperatively with other employes.
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