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Fashion :

No description

Aiysha Azula

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Fashion :

Queen Elizabeth Era
To Start Off...
Fashion is forever changing , innovative , and glamorous. Fashion also has a huge effect on girls and women ( since we are the top consumers) . Now a days everyone has a different style. I'm gonna show how fashion and trends changed through out time.
Victorian Age
Modern Day
Through out her time as Queen of England
- epic fashion sense.
- gowns were made of expensive fabrics and jewels
-pale skin
-many wigs that were bright red
-many diamond and rubies.
What she wore that day was "in".
Women tried to look like her by bleaching their hair and then dying it red
and made dresses trying to resemble her look.

None shall wear:
Any cloth of gold, tissue, nor fur of sables: except duchesses, marquises, and countesses in their gowns, kirtles, partlets, and sleeves; cloth of gold, silver, tinseled satin, silk, or cloth mixed or embroidered with gold or silver or pearl, saving silk mixed with gold or silver in linings of cowls, partlets, and sleeves: except all degrees above viscountesses, and baronesses, and other personages of like degrees in their kirtles and sleeves…
Sumptuary Law issued at Greenwich, 15 June 1574

To Conclude...
The dresses affected the way women walked , moved , and sat. Women had to put on A LOT of clothing to achieve this look.

The corsets made then women's waist really small and made their organs very close to each other.
They had to put on drawers , a slip , an extremely small and tight corset , a petticoat , a camisole , a bustle ( to form the dress ) , an underskirt , a regular skirt , then a jacket. That's NINE piece of clothing just to go to your mates house for tea.
Dresses were now lighter ( in fabric ) , and colorful , also shorter! And as for coats and jackets they were trimmed with fur.
Jewelry was "in" too , pearls , rhinestone embroidered head bands , and diamonds.
As for hairstyles , they were short. The most popular " the bob " and finger waves too.
The new women had evolved !
The hourglass figure was desired for women. Waist cinchers Pencil skirts or full skirts , and even nice gloves ( short for daytime and long for night time). For wives they wore attractive house dresses and cocktail
Stars like Marilyn Monroe
Sofia Loren , Dorthy Dandrige and
Audrey Hepburn were actresses of the
50's and showed these styles in their films.

Project Runway.

Fashion Week .
And most importantly , supermodels are the most important people in modern fashion like ; Naomi Campbell , Miranda Kerr , Chanel Iman , Kate Moss , and plenty more.
Impact on Women

By : Aiysha Azula
Fashion has changed drastically from the Queen Elizabeth Era to now.
Ain't nobody got time to wear 9 pieces of clothing to go outside.
And no one wants to wear an uncomfortable corset in order to look sexy. We'd rather wear loose dresses like in the 1920's , and skinny jeans , and cute tops from H&M.

Sex appeal has changed.

The age of fashion has also changed too , women dress to look younger , while girls dress to look older.

Fashion , style and trends change all the time
For the modern day fashion sex sells! Dresses are short , lingerie is now fashion and the sexier the better. Also runway is very in and women are desired to be very thin and tall.
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