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Trinidad and Tobago

No description

raqshanda khan

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Trinidad and Tobago

Legal Systems Imports and Exports Business Structure and Behaviour Cultural Tolerance Primary, Secondary & Tertiary industries. Business Does Eco-tourism encouragement in Tobago Trinidad and Tobago By Raqshanda Khan, Santoshi Rampersad-Maharaj and Najma Adan Introduction Geography History Available Resources Table Of Contents Mangerial and Cultural Considerations Economic System GDP and GNP Balance of Trade Employment and Labour Education International Economic Relations Political Government and Involvement Trade Agreements Infrastructure International Marketing of Products and Services Money and Foreign Exchange Tourism Trinidad and Tobago's Future Conclusion What comes to your mind when we say Trinidad and Tobago? Fun Facts... Trinidad people call themselves Trinis. Tobago people call themselves Tobagonians.

The literacy rate of the country is 98.7%. Primary, secondary and post-secondary education is free for all.

Cricket is the national sport of Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad has the largest asphalt deposit, called The Pitch Lake, in the world.

Calypso, Soca and Chutney are dance forms all invented in T and T. Introduction
Available Resources
Managerial and Cultural Considerations
Legal Systems
Economic System
Imports and Exports
Balance of Trade
Employment and Labour
International Economic Relations
Political Government and Involvement
Trade Agreements
Business Structure and Behaviour
International Marketing of Products and Services
Money and Foreign Exchange
Balance of Payments
Future of Trinidad and Tobago
Conclusion Major Imports Major Exports Import Licensing Export Licensing Licensing Balance Of Trade = Exports - Imports Statistics: 1995 until 2012 - Balance of Trade averaged 558.27 Million USD. USA - Trinidad and Tobago Economic Relations US and TT Relations Overview. The US accounts for 45% of TT's total trade. Caribbean Basin Initiative. Bilateral Economic Relations Trade Ties Imports from the US... Agreements that Trinidad and Tobago have signed with the US: Double Taxation Agreement – signed in the 1970s.

Tax Information Exchange Agreement - signed in 1989.

Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)- signed in 1996.

Intellectual Property Rights Agreement – signed in 1994.

Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty – signed in 1999.

Maritime Cooperation Agreement - signed in 1996. Canada - Trinidad and Tobago Economic Relations Overview Trade Statistics
Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA).
Double Taxation Agreement.
Ottawa Landmines Convention.
Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). Agreements that TT have signed with Canada Canada and CARICOM CARICOM CARICOM Single Market Economy Free Trade Free Circulation The Right of Establishment CARIPASS 2020 Challenges Tourism Oil The Food Industry Diversified Agriculture The Capital Holidays Carnival Oil exports are the largest contributor to GDP. GNP & GNP per capita. GDP and GDP per capita. This is why Trinidad and Tobago is a good idea... Thanks!
Questions? Diversification Overview BPTT East and West Business Don'ts Balance of Payments Labour Force Statistics Manufacturing Statistics English Common Law High Court Court of Appeal Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Anthony Carmona Presidency Parliament Democracy Voting age Military Levels of Judiciary Total Labour Force Statistics by Industry Unemployment Rate Youth Unemployment Population below poverty line Primary Secondary Tertiary University of West Indies Market Access Agreements WTO Membership in other global forums CARIFORUM Q. Do you think global brands should incorporate the foreign country's culture into their products/services? Subway KFC Demographics Population Religion Currency: TTD - Trinidad and Tobago Dollars Denomination Exchange Rates 1 TTD = $0.16 USD
1 TTD = $0.16 CAD
1 TTD = $0.12 Euros Definition Statistics Public Debt Fiscal Year
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