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Skater Girl

Final Presentation

Kristina Burokas

on 30 July 2010

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Transcript of Skater Girl

SKATER GIRLS EMPOWERMENT!! UNITY!! -girl power! Girls in a boys sport

-girls motivating other girls to skate

FREEDOM!! -laidback
-an escape from life’s problems
GENERAL STYLE -must have the SHOES.
-other fashion doesn’t matter
-loose fitting tops, or something that wont get in the way
-head phones are a nice piece to have while skating, helps you focus on the tricks, what you are doing (in the ‘zone’)

ESSENTIALS close your eyes... Sants Estacio Universitat General Influences Fashion Influences Key People
-one first female skateboarder to be asked to be in one of the many Tony Hawk skating video games
-a great way to show girls that skateboarding is for both sexes

-taught herself how to ride a skateboard
-Her parents wouldn't agree to buy her one, so she fixed up one she found in the trash
-Her goal is to help girls in the sport of skateboarding to get more than just recognition for their talent Andrea Wilshusen
(Etnies, Slider shops, Les Ettes)
Andrea Benitez
(VANS, Savial Skateboards)
Anda Tudoran AKA Dezbi
(540º Skateshop) Ianire Elorriaga
(Etnies, Alai skateboards, Roxy) Julia Wilshusen
(Etnies, Slider shops, Les Ettes) Interests Skater Girl SPORTY LIFESTYLE SOCIAL NETWORKING AGEISM Skate Related Clothes Competition
Skate Camps for Girls Practice of Other Sports Night Life
Therapy Older Practicing to feel young/keep young Pass Down Information Events Focused on Women Skateborders Unity Blogging Places to Hangout/Practice Sneakers Skateboards Coordinating DIY Clothing Stickers Paint "Skateboarding is a way for me to have another life, not think about the problems I have back at home." Christina, 19 - Universitat Snowboarding Surfing Sneakers Loose Clothing Big Community of Female Skaters Manolo Bar Apolo Club Billabong Girls Day MACBA women skaters sharing their exeriences Paral-el Manolo

Competition of Boys vs Girls http://www.skatergirl.co.uk/ International Examples Trendsetter Vs Mainstream Skater Girls a group of girls, whether they know each other or not, who band together to empower women in a sport focused on men.
These girls like to skate. Morning, day and night. When they can, they will. They show off their hard work and personal drive to get better while hanging out with friends, and use their skateboard as an escape from the stresses in their life. Skater Girls "I do whatever I want, whenver I want, where ever I want!
Because skateboarding is about being yourself.
Power, strength, attitude, without loosing femininity.
I'm showing that I can do as good as the guys do.
I hope my actions inspire other girls."
Do you take your board with you where ever you go?
'Not always, because if I go to the beach I’ll practice surf, if I go to mountains I’ll do snowboard' - Claudia, MACBA

raybans, element, free shop – Cristina

classical rock (’60 –’70), hip-hop. . Sofía techno, rock. Josefina punk, Indie rock, ska. Ana
I like to listen to music while I use the computer (hip hop, blues, r&b, reagge, urban). Claudia
'It is a tour that emerged overnight, tired of skating between guys decided to do this. The tour is to group the maximum possible girls that are interested in skating, no matter the level, age or race, just that there fun involved'- Ainara "I customize my t-shirts, sneakers and I paint all my skateboards." -Josefina. 23 - Universitat "I put stickers on my skateboard. And I choose all the peaces from my skateboard, the Brands and the colors."
Ana, 19 -Universitat 'Sometimes I go to bars around Gracia, Boulevard.' Claudia, 17 - MACBA
Apolo, I like to go to a club call or to Sophia, 16 Apolo, Manolo. I always go to . Ana, 19 - Universitat Manolo. Apolo, If we go out, we go to club, or at Dixie, in marina. Fali, 17 - Raval

in center city cit on floor hangout or beach,
some bar with jam sessions, -Cristina, 19 - Universitat
Apolo, The bar projects skate videos,
and is crowded with many skaters "Tour Skategirls invaders"
'It is a tour that emerged overnight, tired of skating between guys decided to do this. The tour is to group the maximum possible girls that are interested in skating, no matter the level, age or race, just that there fun.'- Ainara
Vanessa Torres Jessie van Roechoudt ATTITUDE!! Traditional Sports Clothing as fashion Fotolog http://www.fotolog.com/sk8_nic0letta/55418531 "I use facebook, twitter, and fotolog often." Fali 1:31 to 3:00 "There is too much competition because BCN one of the few cities were there is plenty of girl skating together" -Merce Bosch, BCN FlipA Skateboard Team -considered to be the very best female skateboarder in the world
-the first to really open up the door for females to take part in the professional world of skateboarding
-won the first Woman's Street Competition
-She loves being able to compete right along side the males in the profession Elissa Steamer Fort Myers, Florida, USA Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Anaheim, California, USA Professionals
Mnichov, Karlovarský Kraj, Czech Republic
Caroline Deanie Helena Dynybil http://www.skatergirl.co.uk/ Bloggers http://www.girlsassault.com.ar/v10/index.php Girls Assault is a girls only skate website over in Argentina, founded by Daniela Suarez (Deeny) and her friend Daniela Quintabani in October of 2007. The website was born out of a passion to skate, to meet new friends and have fun. "It’s very important that girls are seen in both skateboard media and the regular media, to show that girls can and do skate." People MEDIA Skater Girl Facebook groups Girl Skater Andrea Andersson Antunes is kind of a big deal in Sweden, she is pretty much in charge of
the female skate scene in Sweden and keeps on top by organising a range of events including:
Girl Only Skate Camps, Girl Only Skate days and also Competitions and the likes. INDIVIDUALITY skate influences fashion fashion influences skaters -'hip-hop-meets-skater-boy-meets-old-school-prep'
-many skaters wear whats comfortable to skate in, designers
interpreting those comfortable clothes to the runway Y-3 Historical Fashion Influences Kirk Henry incorporates fashion designer branding in his skateboard graphic design 1940's during the war, women had to do 'a man's job' where they were required to wear men style clothing because there were no types of clothes suitable for women Ainara Vena Oscar Ramos – Skater and owner of Tactic Skate/Surf Shop "Back when I started skating, about 20 years ago, there was only a few stores for male skaters. There werent any kind of stores for women skaters. Therefore, women often adapted their styles to what the men skateboarders were wearing." Barceloneta Paral-lel Universitat MACBA Forum Sants Estacio Marbella Places to Skate! “So, I’m from Sweden, and just chillin’ here in Barcelona with my chica Andrea… Today it’s been raining so no skate for us, but I do have time for a blog update! So far we’ve been to Paral-lel, Sants, Fondo, a spot that I dont know the name of but is in alot of skate videos (it’s a downhill with staris and banks, a bit gnarly but nice!) and ofc MACBA! We
were supposed to go to Marbella Skatepark today but since it’s raining that’s not gonna happen!” -Julia, 22, author from skatergirl.co.uk
Trendsetters Early Adaptors Mainstream Vanessa Torres Elissa Steamer Toy Machine, TSA clothing,
Etnies, Landspeed Wheels Element Vice Ungravity Go Mag We are not allowed to skate in the streets of Barcelona, but we do anyway. When we are hanging out in MACBA or Universitat and we see a man in uniform, we all run! volcom slogan
youth against establishment Customization
Questioning Authority Hillary Duff Scarlett Johansen Girls who skate all the time, participate in events, shows, are being sponsored by big labels, dont care about what they are wearing, as long as it is appropriate for skating Girls who skate often, who may compete, but are not at a professional level, overall fashion style doesnt matter, but may wear brands of clothes of the trendsetters' sponsors, or favorite company Girls who like to skate, but just skate for fun, have other interests, clothing style may range from favorite company to feeling of fitting in Chloë Sevigny Avril Lavigne Selena Gomez Girls who skate only sometimes, wear skater brand clothes to be associated with the skater group Girls who like to hangout with the skater boys so they wear the clothes targeted towards skaters to fit in Girls who dont skate or dont associate themselves with the skater group, but like the style of clothing for aesthetic reasons 'Hey Ho it’s my favorite, and near from here. But Rufus, Free, or TFC are goods too.' –Sofía 'FREE Shop' - Claudia
'I don’t care, is the same, but I used to buy my clothe in multibrands shops.' -Ana 'I hate to Shop, If I can I’ll buy everything on the net.' –Fali Competitions www.realskate.com 1970's Womens Equal Rights Movement -women striving for equality to men in work pay, in constitutional rights, etc Toy Machine, Enjoy, Volcom, Ecko. - Claudia Baker , Blind , Girl , Plan B. There’re expensitive, but american’s Brands. I prefer ligh and thin skateboards, because it’s easier when I do my Tricks. –Sofia
I don’t mind fashion, I’m just trying to be myself. When I choose my gartment I don’t think if it’s cool. And I don’t use fashion Brands. –Josefina
Billabong it’s cool, S. Toy, Rocket dog, some clothe by Roxy. –ana
Alva, Volcom!! But I don’t have enough Money to buy this Brands. I satisfied with any brand, or generic clothes. –Fali "My goal is to get women skateboarders to be recognized as equals to men skateboarders, and to fight for equal prize rewards and awards in competitions." -Elissa Steamer, famous female skateboarder Girls from all over the world come to skate or want to come and skate in Barcelona! What places would you like skate? I would like to skate in Barcelona! - 15 year old skater Lucia Susa from
Rosario, Argentina, SKATERGIRL.CO.UK “So, I’m from Sweden, and just chillin’ here in Barcelona with my chica Andrea… so excited!!” -Julia, 22, author from skatergirl.co.uk
"Tour Skategirls invaders" Athletic wear as Fashion wear http://www.billabonggirlsdays.com/en/ All sorts of girls are buying skater related clothing, not just skater girls.
(Hard to identify skater girls from non skater girls) Unisex clothing -Surf and Skate, Yoga, African Dance, Graffiti, Be the Change, Meet the Pros, Beach Party "SK8*GRL.com is about inspiring and empowering girls through action sports. We want to help build self confidence, camaraderie, and let girls know they can always be active and remain feminine. We aim to encourage girls to fulfill their potential whether on or off their skateboard." - Pro skateboarder Holly Lyons http://www.allgirlskatejam.com/frame_main.html http://skateboard.about.com/od/skateeventsprofiles/p/S3_Supergirl.htm S3 Supergirl Jam AGSJ on the Vans Warped Tour 2010
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